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Reimage: Easy and Fast Computer Care and Repair

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated December 22, 2020

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Over time, the performance of your computer may decrease because of several reasons such as viruses, corrupted files, and more. Fixing them may be hard for those who are not that knowledgeable with computer technicalities. Reimage is a PC-optimizing tool that you can use to return the PC back to its peak performance.

How does Reimage work?

After buying a license for the application, activate its license key and start the program. From here, you can use its different features to target different areas of the computer that have a problem. It is somehow a reinstallation but without the need to erase your current data and settings.

Reimage uses a Window repair technology that is patented. This assures its quality of software.

Is Reimage necessary?

The simple answer lies upon the knowledge of the user about the computer. If you are adept in software and can detect the common issues related to performance, the application is not needed. Otherwise, the app is definitely a must.

According to its website, most of the Windows Operating Systems have a record of system stability issues. Windows XP has the least with 36.16% while Windows 8 has the most with about 94.73%.

Reimage reassures that the data they will gather will be private and will not be sold to any third party.

The application also constantly updates itself to meet newer standards.


The following are software issues which Reimage can fix:

  1. Windows Errors – These are the system errors generated whenever you try to open an application. It notifies you in the form of a notification box along with a red error mark. This can be attributed to corrupted system files which may cause some applications to be unable to run.

  2. Blue Screen of Death – If there are too many corrupted files within your system, you may experience the Blue Screen of Death which requires you to restart your PC instantly and makes you lose files you have not saved yet.

  3. Damaged DLLs – As you use your computer, it is inevitable to continuously install and uninstall programs. However, this may result to the DLLs inside it to become damaged as some may need to use the older versions in order to function. The result is a corrupted application.

  4. System Freezing – Having frequent system freezes is due your computer processor being filled with too many application activities and commands. This may be because of background applications and also because of corrupt files within your system.

  5. Virus Damage – Reimage can be used to fix your system after having a virus attack. This is because even after removing the harmful software through an anti-virus app, you can still have a slow computer.

  6. Operating System Damages – Damages to the operating system will result to frequent system crashes and a slower performance. Through Reimage, you can download important OS files along with fixes for your registry entries.

Through Reimage, you can scan for these problems and fix them all with just one application.