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Key features of Reimage that can help you fix your slow PC

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated December 22, 2020

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A slow computer is often a consequence of a cluttered and broken system. It doesn’t necessarily need you to replace any hardware parts or even reinstall the operating system. All you need to do is use a repair and optimizing software to restore it back to its peak performance.

Reimage Repair, which is also called simply Reimage, is one of the most popular and useful repair apps you can find on the market. It’s a relatively new software that was developed in 2017, but it is really helpful in fixing all your software and OS issues that cause your errors, freezes and other frustrating issues.

Reimage has versions for Windows, macOS and Android. What’s missing for now is an iOS app.

The Mac and Android apps are mostly useful for cleaning the junk files on your device and analyze its storage space. The Windows version of Reimage on the other hand is more complex, which is why is the most downloaded of the 3.

What are the system requirements for Reimage?

Reimage for Mac works on OS X Maverick and above.

The Reimage mobile app works on Android 2.3 and above.

Reimage for Windows is compatible with all Windows versions from XP to Windows 8 and 8 Pro. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Windows 10.

Reimage requires a 1 GHz processor, a minimum of 512 RAM memory, 40 GB hard drive and internet access.

What are the key features of Reimage?

Since the Windows version of Reimage Repair is the most complex one in terms of features (compared to the Mac and Android versions), we are going to focus on it in this article.

Reimage works by scanning your device for all the security, software and hardware issues in your system. Hardware-wise, the software can make an overall profile of your hardware parts such as RAM, CPU and hard drive and it can also give you recommendations if you need to replace any of those parts. However, don’t rely on Reimage to fix any hardware problems.

Software-wise, the software can help you improve the overall stability of your computer by fixing all the software issues. It removes and replaces any broken, corrupt, missing or infected files with fresh, clean, healthy ones from its extensive database of continuously updated and authentic Microsoft files.

In terms of security, Reimage detects any virus threats in your system and notifies you about them. While the program can’t protect you from malware and should not be used as a substitute for an Antivirus software, it can fix the damage left by any virus.

Free scans with Reimage

Reimage lets you download an unregistered version of the software that you can use to run full scans of your system. This is a useful feature because at least you’ll know for sure whether your PC needs a repair software or not, based on the results of the scan. If any issues are found, you can then purchase a license for Reimage and start to repair your PC. Best Review Guide offers the best prices.

Reimage fixes problems such as: damaged DLLs, computer freezes, blue screens of death (BSOD), virus damage and more. It can obtain the same results as a Windows reinstallation, only within a shorter time and without making you lose any important programs, data or settings.