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Is Advanced System Repair Pro worth the cost of the license? How much does it cost? What are its features?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 9, 2021

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Manual fixing of the computer’s issues are best left for computer experts and technicians. In case you do not have money or time for hiring one, using a system optimizer is recommended for you. These are applications that can target multiple PC issues with minimal user effort. It is usually an application that has a lot of features contained in it. It is built as an all-in-one tool for improving the computer stability, performance, and speed.

In the past we have suggested downloading Advanced system repair pro, however, in our recent round of testing and based on feedback we have had to suggest Restoro instead. If you would like to download our number one choice for system and computer optimization we suggest you click here to download Restoro

Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair Pro is a choice for improving computer performance. The application has a simple user interface that is aimed towards all users for easy access. The application has an easy computer process, only requiring users to download the app, activate its license, and let it run on its own. As mentioned, it is filled with different features that each have specific parts of the computer to fix. The application can fix the PC’s issues within minutes. It targets issues of the registry, hard disk, security, and more.

How does it work?

The application has a very simple process for fixing the computer. First, users will need to install the application. Here, they can choose the language of the app, its installation path, and more. They would also be required to sign their User Privacy Agreement and Licensing Agreement. This ensures safety and security when using the app.

Next, the application will start scanning for the different issues of the computer upon first being launched. Here, it will go deep in the PC’s different parts to look for the parts that are not functional and those which need fixes. It mostly includes software and security parts but it can also analyze the parts of the hardware. This process takes only a couple of minutes to finish.

The application will then start to fix these issues. The scanned issues will be directed towards the specific features that can be directly fix it. This is the most important part of using the application. When we did our initial review of Advanced System Repair Pro we were really impressed, however in our follow ups we have determined it is no longer our top choice.

Users can freely pause or cancel the application while it operates in case they change their mind. This is usually unnecessary as the application only takes a small part of the computer’s memory. This means that they will be free to use other applications without fear of making it slower.

What are its different features?

The features are the soul of the application as it will be the main tools that can be used to improve its performance.

Simple interface

The interface of the application is very important for ensuring that all users regardless of their computer knowledge will be able to use it without any issues. The good news is that Advanced System Repair has a very simple yet intuitive application that allows a 1-click maintenance of the computer. Here, the different features are laid out in a way that users can instantly get familiar with. To maintain the computer, the user only needs to allow the app to scan the computer and it will take things from there. The application also has a progress tracker that shows how many minutes still remains in the whole fixing process.

Junk Cleaner

You may not notice it but the computer downloads a lot of unnecessary files over time. Most of the time, these can be seen in the Temporary folder of Windows. These also come from uninstalled applications that fail to completely remove all of its entries in the computer. When these bits of files accumulate, a huge chunk of the hard drive may be taken which results in less space for applications that you will actually use.

Advanced System Optimizers smartly selects files that are considered junk and can quickly remove this for the computer. This can improve speed and performance of the PC.

Disk Defrag

Gaps sometimes form in the hard disk whenever you keep on uninstalling from it. These gaps may cause slower loading times from applications that you have uninstalled in the computer. Advanced System Optimizer can keep the files in the hard disk more organized and remove fragments in between files.

Application manager

Advanced System Optimizer can be used to manage the different applications that you use in the computer. It can disable background apps that may be using some of your computer memory but are completely unnecessary. This can help boost your performance for video games and other resource-heavy apps.

Malware remover

Malware are harmful files that can cause various forms of damage to the computer. These files include viruses, bugs, and Trojans. First, these can multiply themselves in the PC and make it very hard to uninstall. It can also cause your files to be deleted and corrupted. Some can even convert your computer into a bitcoin miner which can greatly decrease its performance. Advanced System Repair can be used to scan these files from your PC and then delete them to keep you and your files safe.

Registry cleaner

The registry is a unique part of Windows computers that is responsible for containing bits of information, mostly user preferences, for every applications installed in the computer. Here, users can edit very important information. However, with frequent uninstallations, users may have corrupted entries here. This may result to unstable computer applications and slow performance. Advanced System Repair can be used to clean the registry and removes these.


Advanced System Repair Pro is priced at $29.97 for a single PC license good for 3 months. Users can also get unlimited licenses which are good for office set-ups for $39.97 also good for 3 months.



Advanced System Repair is an program to boost computer performance by fixing its issues. It is worth its price because of its high-quality of fixing.