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How to optimize your PC with Advanced System Repair Pro

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 7, 2021

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Your PC is really slowing down and the manufacturer’s warranty has expired a long time ago; you’re panicking and you think that you’ve run out of options. You don’t have enough savings for a new PC, but why even bother with the financial situation when you have cheaper and faster options to revive your PC? With Advanced System Repair Pro you can easily maintain your computer, get it back on track, clean all the necessary files from years of browsing, and catch those little demons (somebody calls them viruses, or Trojans and malware) and destroy them forever. Let’s cut to the chase.

Some of the most important aspects of PC optimization with Advance System Repair Pro are:

  1. Windows acceleration feature – After a completely deep PC scan you can run free of charge, you can remove any duplicated files, cached data, system errors and all the junk files that are slowing your PC performance. Don’t be afraid – you can delete them manually and choose the ones you want removed, plus, they are offering a Backup feature to restore all any records, apps or files you want to keep.

  2. Anti-malware feature – Advanced System Repair Pro software uses a very complex algorithm to track any possible damage that’s been caused by a virus, Trojans, malware or any third-party program. Not only that it will detect and remove damage from your operating system, but it also offers to completely replace any damaged files with completely new and healthy files from their huge Windows database. You won’t find many other optimization apps that have all three features in one: to detect, remove and to recover your PC.

  3. Privacy cleaner feature – This feature helps you keep or remove any browsing record, listed websites, and cookies, plus, it gives you a password manager feature to easily maintain and secure your private accounts.  

  4. Registry Cleaner feature – Removing and finding errors and invalid entries for a stable and much faster PC performance. In addition, the Registry Cleaner feature will make a back up for all the adjustments the software made.

  5. Disk Defragmentation feature – After a long history of browsing, downloading and deleting files or applications, your operating system can slow down or even crash. This can happen because many software leftovers are stored on your disc and those partial components can’t fit on the disk anymore – it is called the disk fragmentation. The reversed process is disk defragmentation which helps you control all the data inside your operating system, keeping them in order.

 Advanced System Repair Pro is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 or 10 and comes with three types of memberships:

  • 1 PC license for $29.95 
  • 3 PC license for $39.95 
  • Unlimited PCs license for $49.95

Their membership is recurring every three months. Another great thing is their 60-days money-back guarantee. The company claims that Advanced System Repair Pro can boost your PC by 70%. Exceptional!