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How safe is Advanced System Repair Pro?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated May 11, 2020

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System optimizers are oftentimes incorrectly perceived by users, which makes them somewhat controversial. In some cases it might be due to the aggressive marketing practices implemented by the company, other times it might be simply because people are not entirely sure what they’re about. Or it can be a combination of the two…

If you do a Google search, you’ll find a lot of tutorials on how to uninstall a lot of these system optimizers, as if they’re some kind of dangerous malware you have to get rid of. Not only is that not true, but system optimizers are quite the opposite, as they are actually useful for your computer. They help you declutter your system and improve its overall performance.

Is Advanced System Repair Pro safe to use?

Advanced System Repair Pro is a great example of that. It is a trust-worthy system optimizer developed exclusively for the Windows operating system. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Advanced System Repair can be downloaded for free if you want to test the software before you buy. It is perfectly safe to download and use, if you use the official website. There are other places on the internet where you can find the program, but they are not all trust-worthy sources. Some websites also infiltrate malware so when you download Advanced System Repair, you download that as well. Make sure you double check your source before clicking on that download button.

The free version of the program lets you run full scans of your system: system junk scan, privacy scan, disk defrag scan, registry scan, malware scan. The app will display any error it finds during the scanning process.

If you want to be able to repair the issues found in your PC, you have to purchase a license key and register the program. In other words, you have to upgrade to the Pro version.


The Pro version offers 3 subscriptions plans, all with payment recurring every 3 months. The available options are: 1-PC license for $29.95, 3-PC license for $39.95 and unlimited PCs license for $49.95.

The Pro version is just as safe to use. While the “junk clean” feature does delete all the system junk (user and system temporary files, log files, Recycle Bin files, thumbnail cache, memory dumps, etc.), everything is removed only with your permission and only after the software does a backup of your data. This way, you can always recover all your data in case something unexpected happens.

What can Advanced System Repair Pro do for your PC?

Advanced System Repair Pro has a rich set of features to offer, meant to clean, fix, optimize and boost the performance of your computer. Here are the main tools:

  • Junk cleaner
  • Virus damage repair
  • Malware removal
  • Registry cleaner and optimizer
  • Disk defragmenter
  • Startup optimizer (the software limits the number of programs that open at Startup, thus improving the startup time of your PC)
  • Windows stability issues repair