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How do you use Reimage Repair?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 7, 2021

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If you are in search of an affordable and effective system optimizer for your computer or smartphone, do consider using Reimage Repair. Reimage checks all the important boxes on your list of requirements: it is affordable, versatile, complex yet user-friendly.

Reimage Repair, in short, Reimage, is the creation of Reimage Limited, a company based in Tel Aviv. The software has versions for both macOS and Windows and it’s also developed a mobile app that is compatible with Android devices. We are still waiting for the iOS app…

Reimage can be used for home use and in the business setting as well, as the company offers business plans, too. You have to contact them to get a custom quote.

How does Reimage work?

You may not be sold just yet when it comes to spending your money on Reimage and we get that. Luckily, you can start by downloading the free version which is available on their official website. Although you might find it in other places on the internet, too, we strongly advise you to stick to the safe sources, so you don’t risk getting infected with any kind of malware.

The free version should be eloquent enough for you to decide whether you like the interface of the software or not and to see what it has to offer. You can also use it to run a full system scan and see what issues come up. Reimage will display all the errors and problems found during the scan.

How much do you have to pay for Reimage?

If you like the software and you want it to fix the issues on your computer, you can proceed to activate it. You can choose between 1 license for a year ($41.95) and 3 licenses for 1 year ($58.95) if you buy Windows licenses. Mac users have to pay less (but the Mac version is less complex than the Windows one): $19.95 for a one-time use, $29.95 for 1 license for 1 year and $39.95 for 3 licenses for 1 year.

If you pay for a license, you can download the Reimage app for free. There is a Pro version of the app as well, which is a paid app, if you want to have even more optimizing tools at your disposal.

What does the Windows version offer?

Reimage boasts on having a complex database with more than 25 million genuine Microsoft files that it can use to replace the broken ones in your PC.

Reimage for Windows works on all Windows versions from XP to Windows 8 and 8 Pro. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Windows 10, which is kind of a bummer.

The first step to use Reimage for Windows is to run the full scan and this step is available for all the versions.

Reimage identifies all the hardware, security and stability issues in your computer and proceeds to fix and optimize your entire system. Here are some of the things you can use it for:

  • Clean all the junk files in your system to free up disk space
  • Repair malware damage and detect viruses, spyware, Trojan horses and so on
  • Get rid of annoying system crashes, freezes and BSODs (blue screens of death)
  • Identify hardware problems such as low memory, slow hard disk, temperature issues and more

What does the Mac version offer?

The Mac version is more of an optimizer than a repair software and it is compatible with OS X Maverick and up.

You can use Reimage for Mac to clean up unnecessary data, junk files, your browser history and so on. You can also see how to best organize your space on your Mac, because Reimage shows you how that space is being used. Another useful feature of it is the fact that it informs you on which apps take up the most space and slow down your Mac.

What does the Android app offer?

The Reimage mobile app works on Android 2.3 and up and it is a useful cleaning app that removes all the junk in your mobile device: unwanted cached memory, browsing history, text history and so on. There is a useful scheduling feature available, which lets you schedule weekly cache cleanups. Reimage also shows you which apps take up the most memory on your mobile device. This way, you can only leave open the ones you need to use.