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Find out how to fix your PC with Advanced System Repair

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated May 11, 2020

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PC optimization is a necessary maintenance task for any computer. Regardless of how fast your PC is when it is new, extended usage slows down its performance due to several factors. Assuming that there is nothing wrong with your device, hardware-wise, but the machine is more sluggish than usual, you might want turn your attention to the software component of the system.

Reinstalling the Windows regularly is not a fun task for anyone and luckily enough, can be avoided. What you can do instead is use a system optimizer to clean the junk in your PC, repair any OS problems, make the computer more stable and increase its overall speed.

How to choose a reliable system optimizer?

You can find a plethora of system optimizers online, but you should do a thorough research before purchasing, downloading and installing anything on your device. Some installation kits might contain hidden malware and not all websites on the internet are secure. You should first make sure that the system optimizer has good reviews and customer ratings and comes from a reputable company.

Another recommendation is to avoid free apps, because they are usually limited in terms of features. Most of them only allow you to run system scans, but they don’t let you fix the problems of your PC. In order to do that, you are prompted to upgrade to the paid version of the app, so they are a waste of time.

Advanced System Repair Pro Guide – How to use the software to fix your PC problems

If you want a user-friendly but complex and effective system optimizer, Advanced System Repair Pro is a safe bet. The software is packed with useful features that help you restore your computer to its peak performance, yet all the tools are straightforward and one click away.

Advanced System Repair Pro is the paid, upgraded version of the software. Just like with most of these apps, a free version is also available for download. The free version is only helpful for testing the interface of the app and to see what issues hinder the performance of your PC. You can run free system scans with it and see all the problems that are found. However, none of these issues can be fixed with the free version, you need to upgrade to Advanced System Repair Pro in order to do that.

How much does Advanced System Repair Pro cost?

Advanced System Repair Pro offers licenses that are available for 3 months. That means that you have to renew the license after this interval, if you want to continue using the software. If you need the program for more than 1 PC, you can opt for a subscription plan that offers license keys for several PCs. There are 3 options to choose from:

  • 1 PC license for $29.95
  • 3 PC licenses for $39.95
  • Unlimited PCs licenses for $49.95

You can pay with PayPal or credit cards and all the major credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

In case you are skeptical about investing in this software, you should know that your money is protected by a 60-day money back guarantee, regardless of the option you choose.

Advanced System Repair Pro interface and features

The first thing you have to do is choose your preferred subscription plan and download Advanced System Repair. After you pay for the license key, it will be emailed to you. You have to copy it, go the menu button in the software and click on “License”. You paste the license there and you click on “Apply”. Once your product will be activated, that will unlock all the features of the program and you can start optimizing your PC.

There are several useful features included with Advanced System Repair Pro and here are the most important ones and what you can use them for:

Junk files and system clutter cleaning feature: this tool helps you remove from your PC all the data that is no longer useful to you, thus freeing up space on your drive and decluttering your system

Privacy scanner: the software scans for all your privacy traces and removes them; these include browsing history, cache, cookies and so on

Malware cleaner: malware is a very common culprit for slow PCs; your device might be infected with malware such as spyware, worms, Trojans, adware and so on; Advanced System Repair Pro scans your PC for any threats and removes them to make your system more secure

Startup optimizing feature: this tool speeds up the starting time of your PC; oftentimes, computers take a long time to start Windows, because they have to open a lot of programs that are set by default to run with Windows even though they are not that important; Advanced System Repair Pro limits the number of apps that can start with Windows and improves the booting time of your PC

Driver updates; Advanced System Repair Pro updates all your drivers with genuine, verified files

Disk defragmenter and optimizer; if you use a hard drive instead of an SSD, chances are it needs to be defragmented, as this is an operation that needs to be performed on a regular basis; Advanced System Repair Pro will scan the drive and defrag it if necessary, thus making your PC faster

These are just the highlights of Advanced System Repair Pro, but there are even more tools to be discovered and used. If you have a Windows-based computer that runs Windows XP or later, Advanced System Repair Pro is one of the best system optimizers to try.