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Best system optimizers to consider in 2020

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated May 27, 2020

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System optimizers are very important because they act like doctors for your computer. They check for any “health” problems of your system, they diagnose it and then apply the right treatment to make it better, in this case, faster and more stable.

PCs slow down in performance over time, because the disk and registry get cluttered, disorganized, fragmented and your computer sometimes gets infected with viruses or other types of malware. System optimizing apps scan your device for any issues they can find and they proceed to repair them, optimizing your computer and restoring it to its full capacity.

The problem with system optimizers though is that the market is flooded with such apps but not all of them are safe to use or effective. That is why we did the research in your place and chose the best ones.

Advanced System Repair

Advanced System Repair is an all-in-one repair app for Windows devices. It “tunes” your computer and includes all the necessary tools in a single package.

The app is compatible with any Windows version from XP and above, including Windows 10. The company that developed the software is based in California. The software has been put through all the major validity, authenticity and safety tests and passed them with flying colors. Advanced System Repair is AppEsteem certified and CheckMark certified. Tests have shown that the app can improve the startup time of your computer by %70. By using the app you can have up to 65GB of files cleaned and more than 20,000 privacy traces removed.

Advanced System Repair pricing

Advanced System Repair offers three types of licenses, all of them available for 3 months. After that, you have to renew your license to continue using the app. Here are the licenses offered:

  • 1-PC license that costs $29.95
  • 3-PC license that costs $39.95
  • Unlimited PCs license that costs $49.95

Advanced System Repair includes a 60-day money back guarantee with all its licenses.

What are the highlights of Advanced System Repair?

Before you pay for a license, you can first try the software. You can download it for free on the official website and use it to test the interface and to run scans of your device, to get a clear diagnose.

There are several types of scans you can run, from privacy scan to malware scan, system junk scan, disk defragment scan, registry scan and more.

Advanced System Repair helps you gain more disk space by deleting all the junk in your system, from user temporary files to backup copies, log files, thumbnails cache and more.

It helps you become more private by deleting sensitive and confidential information and your web surfing traces.

The app scans your computer for any viruses and removes them from your system.

It repairs Windows, registry and app errors and improves your PC’s stability.

If necessary, it defragments your disk, which also improves the performance of your device.

Advanced System Repair improves the startup time of your computer with up to 70%, by limiting the number of programs that are allowed to open at Startup. Some of them are not that important and don’t need to run with Windows.


Another great optimizing app for Windows devices is Restoro. This app was developed in 2018 and quickly managed to grow in popularity thanks to its effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Restoro works on all Windows versions from XP and up, including Windows 10. It also requires at least 512MB RAM to work properly.

Restoro pricing

Just like with Advanced System Repair, there is also a free trial version available with Restoro. You can download it and run scans of your device without paying any money. However, if you want to unlock all the other features of the program, you have to register the app.

Restoro gives 3 options as well:

  • 1 license for a one-time repair, if you just want to use the app once; it is priced at $27.95
  • 1-PC license for unlimited use on one PC, for one year, which is priced at $41.95
  • 3-PC license for unlimited use for 3 PCs, for one year, priced at $58.95

All these licenses come with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can pay with PayPal or with credit cards.

What are the highlights of Restoro?

Restoro starts the repair process by scanning your device for all the hardware, security and stability issues. While it can’t fix your hardware, it can point out problems related to it, such as low memory, low disk speed, CPU and temperature problems and more. It can also give you recommendations on upgrading your hardware to improve the performance of the PC.

Security issues identified by Restoro can be anything from viruses, Trojans, to worms, spyware and so on.

Stability issues refer to apps and programs that crash constantly. The software will identify the ones that do and will let you know how often they crash.

Restoro can repair Windows errors that lead to BSODs (blue screens of death), crashes, freezes and other such annoying problems.

It can also repair the damage left by viruses by removing the infected files and replacing them with newer, healthy ones. Restoro has a huge database of more than 25 million Microsoft files that are always up to date, pristine and authentic. It uses these files to replace the infected ones in your computer.

Restoro can also repair damaged DLLs (dynamic link libraries), which manifest through programs malfunctioning and crashing.

Both Restoro and Advanced System Repair are easy to use even by the less tech-savvy and can restore your PC to peak performance with just a few mouse clicks.