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Advanced System Repair Review – Should you use this program?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated September 9, 2021

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It has come to our attention that some users have had negative experiences with ASR, this being the case we cannot recommend using their product and suggest you look at restoro as our number one choice.

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What is Advanced System Repair?

Advanced System Repair is an application that you can use for fixing any issue in your computer's software that causes it to have a slow performance. There are usually multiple reasons for this to happen including corrupted files, gaps within your hard disk, and viruses. With this application, you can pinpoint these problems and apply action immediately.

The application is especially helpful for people who are not that knowledgeable with their computer. This is because most of the parts of your software are sensitive and should be handled carefully. The app guides you through improving the PC’s performance and gives you control on whether a file should be deleted or changed.

Installation and interface

Downloading and installing Advanced System Repair is easy and fast. It can be downloaded through their website using the “Download” button in the home page. From here, you are guided to the user agreement and options.

A good feature of the application is that it allows users to choose whether to receive constant updates or do it manually. This allows you to manage your files better. Aside from this, you can also disable the feature that sends data towards their system (mainly for system configuration) in case you would like maximum privacy.

Upon installation, Advanced System Repair instantly scans your computer for any errors. They will also provide an estimate of the number of issues your computer is experiencing for you to get a better understanding of its current condition.

Simple and sleek design

Advanced System Repair is recommended especially for those who are not knowledgeable with the technical details of a computer. To help users, it is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Its main menu shows you the different options for you to choose from to fix your computer. Included here are the following: Privacy Traces, Junk Files, Registry Entries, Startup optimizer, System Optimizations, Driver Updates, Malware Threats, Disk Defragmenter, Corrupted Files and Errors, and Security Holes.

The first tool is the “Gathering Data” tool which gives you a summary of your computer’s current performance. It even gives you a percentile for comparison with other computers worldwide to see how good or bad your machine’s performance is. While this may be a bit unreliable, this gives you a better view of your computer and how slow it is.

The second tool is “Privacy Traces” and it is especially handy for those who frequently browse and download files on the internet without a reliable computer protection. Without your knowledge, your computer may be traced frequently and used for data gathering by third-parties. The following files are scanned in your computer: Tracking Cookies, Browser History, Passwords, and Traces of Recent Activity.

The third tool is the “Junk Files Scanner” which lets you see the various files in your computer that are unnecessary and only contribute to its slower performance. By removing these, you can have more system stability and a faster performance. Examples of files that will slow down your computer when left unnoticed are: System Temporary Files, Backup Copies, User Temporary Files, Windows Diagnostic Files, and others. The app also shows the total amount of storage that these various files use in your computer. This tool is especially handy as system files are difficult to be detected manually.

The fourth tool is Registry Entries which displays the files that are missing and/or corrupted. Because the registry is important for your computer, having corrupted files inside it may result to crashes and a slower performance.

The fifth tool is the Startup Optimization, which shows all the applications that open alongside your computer. The app displays the applications' names along with how much CPU, RAM, and internet it is using. Choosing only the necessary ones may result to a faster PC performance.

The System Optimization tool allows you to fix your system settings for better PC performance. It shows all the settings that need to be fixed, their current value, recommendations, and further details.

You can also detect all the drivers on your computer that are not updated. This is important for your hardware as drivers allow your computer to work with external parts such as speakers and graphic cards. Updating these drivers will fix any errors and also improve its performance.

Advanced System Repair also has its own malware scanner. It scans for viruses, adware, worms, spywares, rootkits, and others. These will then be isolated from other files. The user is allowed to see the infected files along with the severity of the threat it imposes on your computer. It does not automatically delete these as some may be detected incorrectly by the app.

The average user installs and uninstalls multiple applications on their computer. If this is done a lot, it may result to spaces within the disk taken by unused files. These are still processed by the computer even if unnecessary which results to a slower overall performance. The disk defragmenter allows you to arrange these files properly and in the most efficient way.

Through the app, you can also see the different files on your computer that experience errors or contain corrupted files. This may result to crashing applications if left unfixed.

The last feature of the app is the “Security Holes” feature which shows all the vulnerable sides of your system. You can download files directly from the Microsoft server to fix these as to reinforce your computer’s security.

Customer Service

Advanced System Repair has a reliable customer service. To answer a customer’s inquiries, they offer a customer support ticket system that can be accessed through the website. From here, you can inquire about billing and product activation. For other concerns you can also click the “Submit Ticket” option or the “Chat Now” option.

A FAQ list can also be accessed through the website.

However, Advanced System Repair does not offer a 24-hour available chat system which can make responses slower to arrive.


Advanced System Repair currently has an AppEsteem certification awarded by executives of Microsoft. This proves the application’s quality and their pursuance of healthy consumer practices.

They were also given a non-malicious app certification by WestCoast labs. Last, they are a member of which encourages applications to be respectful of consumer demands and needs.


Advanced System Repair is originally priced at $74.99. Purchasing through the website reduces this to $29.95. This gives you one license for a single PC. It is billed every 3 months.

3 PC licenses are priced at $94.99 which can be reduced up to $39.95. This is also billed for up to 3 months.

You can also have unlimited PC licenses for $124.99 that can be reduced up to $49.95. This is also billed recurrently every 3 months.

Advanced System Repair can be purchased through a credit card or through PayPal. They give you up to 60 days for their money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service.


Advanced System Repair is recommended for those experiencing slow computer performance because of software issues. It scans all of these problems on your computer and fixes them with your consent.

The application has a good interface that is simple and easy to use. The price of the application is also good for its features. We really like the program in our listing of the best system optimizers, so if you want more information about this program please read our in depth Advanced System Repair Pro review.