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Advanced System Repair Features – What does it include?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated January 27, 2020

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Advanced System Repair is a system optimizing tool that is filled with a lot of features to improve your computer’s performance. It scans your computer for all potential reasons for a slower computer performance and fixes these. It is very recommendable for those experiencing poor PC performance while not being knowledgeable about its technical aspects.


The app is equipped with a lot of features to improve your computer's performance, which range from simple driver updates up to system optimizations and registry cleaning. In case you are not familiar with these terms, the application has an available guide for you to understand the features better.

  1. Privacy Traces– The app can scan your computer to look for any spyware and security holes which may lead to your computer being traced. These harmful files usually come from unsecure websites and from downloading from them. Aside from these, you can also delete your stored cookies with other websites
  2. Junk Files– The app can also scan for any unused files within your hard disk that may be leftovers from uninstalled ones. While these are usually small, it may still take a large part of your storage viewed collectively
  3. Registry Entries– Because the registry of your computer keeps track of all the applications stored in your hard drive, it is always better to keep it organized. You can use the app to automatically sort out the entries inside it
  4. Startup Optimizer– If you have many applications installed, you may notice that the startup time of your computer takes a long time. Through this feature, you can manually select the applications that should be opened along with your computer. To help you choose only the best ones, the app displays the RAM and Internet usage of each of them
  5. Driver Updates– The drivers of the computer connect it to the hardware. Speakers, graphic cards, and external keyboards all use this. Advanced System Repair can be used to see which drivers are out of date and for manually updating each
  6. Malware Threats - A big factor to having a slower computer performance is malware. Examples of these are viruses, keyloggers, and spywares. This is because they take the data inside your computer and send it online without your consent. They may also use some of your RAM for data mining. Advanced System Repair can remove these
  7. Disk Defragmenter – If you continuously install and uninstall applications on your computer, gaps within it may be formed. These may result to a slower overall performance. Advanced System Repair can be used to organize your hard disk
  8. Corrupted Files and Errors– The app can detect corrupted files and errors that were former unnoticed in your computer. This is because these usually result to a slower performance and frequent application crashing

These features are all designed to target the usual parts of the software that results to a slow PC performance. The best part is that it is displayed through a sleek and modern interface easy to navigate through and to use.