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Advanced System Repair: Does it protect against malware?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated April 17, 2021

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Malware is malicious computer software and a big pest for your computer. Malware can do a lot of damage to it, ranging from slower performance, lack of security, to software corruption. They come in multiple names that may already be familiar to you such as adware, spyware, Trojans, worms, and others. Basically, any software that harms your computer can be qualified as a malware.

Advanced System Repair

Advanced System Repair Pro is a computer optimizing tool that is used to improve the performance of a Windows device.  It is compatible with Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Its features range from disk defragmentation, junk cleaning, registry optimizing, and more.

It can also be used against malware and harmful files that may be present in your computer due to downloads.

How does it remove malware?

While some application such as AVG and Kaspersky are limited to removing viruses and malware, Advanced System Repair has this feature along with many.

Upon installation, the simple interface of the application will immediately show all of its features arranged for easy and comfortable use.

To use it, you simply need to click the MALWARE THREATS tab. The first thing that the application does is to do a full computer scan. From here, it can detect the specific files that are dangerous from your application. It also displays the level of severity of the files to give users a better idea of whether to delete a file or not. From here, you can choose the specific action to be taken, which is either to remove or keep the file.

Scanning with the application is easy and does not take too much data processing from your computer. In case you need to do something else that requires more memory, you can choose to stop the current scan.

Why is it important to remove malware?

Having malware in your computer is risky as it will not only manifest through a slower performance of your device, but will also make your information less secure. Some possible effects of having malware in your computer include:

  • Corrupted software– Some malware may cause some specific applications and software in your computer to be corrupted and unusable. This may manifest through applications that cannot be opened or with frequent software crashing. This can also lead to the infamous BSOD or Blue Screen of Death which is a full software crash
  • Less confidentiality– Some malware stored in your computer may gather your confidential information. This is used by advertisers to target you with products based on your preferences. Aside from this, it may also be used by hackers to enable a thief to steal your data
  • Unauthorized access to computer resources– Malware can also be used to hack your computer resources for third-party uses. Through malware, your computer can be converted into a Bitcoin-mining machine through reduced computer memory
  • Slow internet speed– Malware can also take control of your internet access for it to be used for activities without your consent. It may upload information from your computer without your knowledge. It can also cause your computer to open unwanted pop-up advertisements, redirected web searches, and change your browser homepage
  • Worse computer speeds– Having malware in the computer can cause it to frequently freeze and crash. This is because some malware installs additional software on your computer which takes up space and computer memory

Is Advanced System Repair trustworthy?

Giving an application full access to your files means compromising your security to some degree. While this may sound bad to others, it is a crucial part in ensuring that your system will be free from malware. Take note that the application will only scan for files that are considered malware. It will also tell the user the files it considers dangerous as to give them a chance to delete only those that are bad for your computer.

Advanced System Repair is a certified computer optimizing tool. They are certified safe by AppEsteem which is a known website that checks for harmful computer applications. They were also certified by CheckMark as safe after a series of tests conducted by Westcoast Labs. They are also a part of which is a website that checks the validity of an application and verifies its compliance to industry standards. A renowned member of this organization is Microsoft.

With these certifications, Advanced System Repair is a safe application for ensuring your computer’s security.


Advanced System Repair is advised for those who would like to remove malware from their system. This is because it is one of the usual reasons for having a slower performance of your computer. Instead of having to download an application dedicated to viruses and malware removal, Advanced System Repair comes with that and other performance-improving tools such as disk defragmentation, junk cleaner, and others.