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Comodo SSL Overview

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 11, 2020

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Pros of Comodo SSL

  •    The lowest prices for SSL certifications
  •    A wide range of products for different types of websites
  •    Years of experience in their business
  •    Offers certificates for EV, OV, and DV


  •    None in particular


Comodo SSL is an established name in the industry because of their early start and their quality of service. Their prices are friendly for all websites, both small blogs and large businesses. They have flexible certifications depending on any user’s need. It is a recommendable service.


A Secure Socket Layer or SSL is a security technology for computers that uses an encrypted link between your browser and an online server. This allows the connection between the two to be secured as they will travel along with an encrypted link.

A website that does not have an SSL technology installed has little to no security, is open to fraud, cannot accept credit card data and important information, and basically, have a sketchy image. One that as an SSL encryption can receive sensitive payment information, is authenticated by browsers, and has more security for its users.

Comodo Group Inc is a known SSL certificate provider that is based in New Jersey, USA. They also specialize in the development of PC and Internet security software. Their features and prices are friendly for both small and large online stores.

Features of Comodo SSL

They offer SSL Certificates in all three types including EV, OV, and DV as to cater to a larger range of websites.

The DV or Domain Validated certificate is the cheapest certificate that is issued immediately. It secures data transfer from your browser to the server. The OV or Organization Validated certificate can only be issued after a thorough check of a business. The EV or Extended Validation certificate is an invention of Comodo that grants a green address bar and a padlock that is displayed in your browser if the website is certified. This takes the longest time to be certified. It usually takes 1 to 3 weeks.

It can secure both www and non-www websites. It is compatible with almost all websites on computer and mobile browsers.

It has a quick Domain Validation certification that can make setting up security on your website faster. It has a Comodo Dynamic Site Seal to ensure visitors of a website’s security. To further build trust for their website, they also offer a $10,000 warranty. There are also no limits for issuance of this certificate.

The products that best suit your website depend on how much important information is stored on it. For example, simple websites like blogs can pass with a simple Positive SSL certificate. One that needs organization validation can avail the Instant SSL certification. Those involving money and transactions on their website should avail for the Essential SSL or the Enterprise SSL to make their website more secure.

Their Wildcard SSL certificate can scan your website to see any potential vulnerabilities. It also has a one year of PCI scanning.

They offer a 90-days free trial. Comodo comes with a 2048-bit signature 256-bit encryption. Once availed, your website will be displayed normally on websites without warnings on browsers.

Because they are one of the pioneers for SSL certification, their prices are one of the lowest on the market. A Comodo Positive SSL which is granted in the span of minutes is priced at $5.88 per year.

Total review of Comodo SSL

Comodo SSL’s good quality and affordable pricing are what made it last long in the industry. In fact, its Extended Validation certificate is an almost-requirement for businesses that will deal with fragile information. They have different types of certifications depending on the need of a website.