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Top Ten Registry Cleaners

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 12, 2021

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As time has continued on so has the need to keep systems clean. One might argue that registry cleners could be a thing of the past, but others still find them valuable. Other users have even moved over to a full system optimizer instead of a stand alone registry cleaner. Our team tested out a bunch of products and we found the best ranked ones; this will save you time in trying to figure this out on your own/.

1st place - restoro
  • Has features good all-around fixes for the registry, hard drive, computer security, and more
  • Can help computers recover after a virus attack
  • Has affordable pricing plans

Restoro is mainly marketed as an all-around computer optimization tool which is why registry cleaning is just one of its many functions. Still, it was able to successfully scan issues in the registry and fix them. Along with this, it can also help maintain computer stability by replacing corrupted Windows files with healthy files that come from their online database which contains up to 25 million files.  This makes them not only impressive as far as the files they can help with, but makes Restoro safe for your system.

It is also very easy to use. Upon installation, it can instantly run a full scan of the computer’s issues, summarize it in one comprehensive report, and then fix each of these with just one click from the user..

2nd place regclean pro
  • Contains a lot of features to improve PC performance
  • Establishes a secure restore point to avoid critical failure
  • Has an affordable price

RegClean Pro is one of the most popular choices for registry cleaning mainly because of reliability in fixing the registry. The application scans for issues within the registry and defrags it to make data within it more compact. Issues found are listed in one comprehensive report. Issues are ranked based on intensity (High, Medium, Less) along with the number of cases of each. On closer look, however, it was only able to improve computer performance by about 1.5%, with most improvements going to word and data processing.

It also comes with a startup optimizer tool which allows users to prioritize the programs which will open along with the computer. It also comes with a Backup Registry that allows you to revert to old settings in case a critical error happens while cleaning the registry.

3rd place - Advanced SystemCare Pro 
  • Has an abundance of features targeted towards cleaning junk files, startup optimization, internet problems, etc.
  • Uses an intuitive interface that can be easily learned
  • Offers affordable pricing plans

Advanced SystemCare Pro has registry cleaning as one of its many features. It is mainly geared towards PC speed optimization which is why it also has a junk cleaner function, shortcut entry cleaner, etc. 

Upon using it, we found that the application can take much of the computer’s memory while running. This is why it is not advised to start a scan and repair while you are gaming or doing something resource demanding. 

The application was able to sort out issues found within the registry but was unable to drastically improve the performance of the computer. This is why the application is mostly recommendable for those who would like a holistic maintenance of the PC for software stability purposes. 

4th place - WinZip Registry Optimizer
  • Capable of improving PC performance
  • Has a fast process of cleaning the PC’s registry
  • Can be ran in the background without drastically slowing the PC
  • Has a free version

Made by WinZip Computing, WinZip Registry Optimizer has various features that can improve PC performance. Its registry cleaning tool has a backup feature (to ensure that system settings will be restored in case of a critical failure) and a scheduling tool for users to be able to regularly maintain their registry’s stability. It also has a startup optimizer like most registry cleaners.

Winzip Registry Optimizer’s main highlight is quick repair of the registry. Users can run the application while doing other activities because of its low demand for resources. Unfortunately, this may cause some issues within the registry to be left unscanned which puts the application at a lower rank in our list.

And the rest..

By this time we have gone over all the titles and realized that to save you time we weren't going to extend this article. You have full information about the best we could find, so you shouldn't really need any more info on the reviews as they would just really be how the programs don't stack up.

But in case you want to see the rest of the best registry cleaners reviewed, here they are:

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