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RegClean Pro Utility App – Is it any good?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 11, 2020

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System optimizers are great utility apps that should be used by everyone who owns a computer. No matter how powerful your configuration is, sooner or later, you will experience problems with your device and there’s nothing abnormal about that. Over time, our PCs become cluttered, mainly because we constantly move files and folders around, we install and uninstall apps and leave files in the Windows registry when we remove an app.

More often than we think, when we uninstall an app we no longer want on our computer, that app doesn’t get completely removed and some files are left behind in the registry. So, if your PC displays strange errors, crashes constantly or functions considerably slower than usual, you might want to consider using a system optimizer.

RegClean Pro is a registry cleaner and computer optimizer developed by Systweak and works only on Windows devices. Systweak creates apps for all operating systems, but this particular one is only compatible with Windows. Systweak is an experienced utility software provider that’s been around for over 20 years now. You might be familiar with some other apps created by them, such as: Advanced System Optimizer, Duplicate Files Fixer, Disk Speedup and more.

RegClean Pro is the more complex and paid version of the app, but there’s also a free version you can download, called simply RegClean. Both versions work on pretty much any Windows version, from XP to Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

What is the price of RegClean Pro?

There’s currently an attractive offer available from Systweak. For approximately $43, you get a one-year license for RegClean Pro and a free lifetime license for PhotoStudio v2.1, a photo editing software developed by Systweak. PhotoStudio is great for creating slideshows, adding visual effects to your images, search digital images, capture images from any device and more.

RegClean Pro comes with Systweak’s 60-day money back guarantee, so in case you want to get a refund, you can do so within 60 days from purchasing the license.

What is the difference between RegClean Pro and RegClean?

As we’ve mentioned it already, RegClean Pro is the paid version of the software and RegClean is the free version.

The free version lets you run a full scan of your computer and fix up to 15 registry entries. If you want more of them fixed, you have to purchase the paid version. RegClean is also useful to those who want to get familiar with the app’s interface, menu, settings and features.

RegClean Pro gives you access to the full set of features and helps you solve all the issues found during the scan.

What are the benefits of RegClean Pro?

RegClean Pro works as a cleaner, fixer and optimizer of your Windows registry. The app makes your system more stable, faster and smoother. It scans your PC, defrags and compact the registry, fixes any invalid entries, prevents annoying system crashes and improves your system’s response time.

RegClean Pro is simple to use, has a decent price and is trust-worthy, so if you are in the market for a reliable registry cleaner, you should definitely check it out.