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RegClean Pro Review - Is this registry cleaner any good?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated April 13, 2020

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The registry of your computer is responsible for keeping records of all installed applications inside. A clean registry usually results in better computer performance and a faster startup. If you are prone to installing and uninstalling a lot of applications, the overall performance of your computer may be reduced. This is why you should have an application designed to keep your registry at peak performance. RegClean Pro is designed exactly for this. 

RegClean Pro Review

RegClean Pro improves the performance of your computer by targeting the registry. Because continuously installing and uninstalling applications may cause an uneven scattering of the data inside it, your computer’s performance may be affected negatively. RegClean Pro ensures that the data inside will be arranged. 

Having an application designed for doing this is important as the registry is a vital part of the computer. In case a single mistake happens, multiple files can be corrupted in an instant. It might also cause your entire operating system to be disrupted. RegClean Pro is a good app that is capable of cleaning your registry without causing problems. 

Faster opening speed

With a cleaned registry, opening your computer is done faster. This is because the applications that will be recognized as installed in your computer will be instantly known instead of being scattered throughout your registry. Aside from the startup of your computer, its performance may also be improved. 

Features of RegClean Pro

To make sure that your computer will still be the same in the case of an error, RegClean Pro backs-up your data. This ensures that if any error happens during the process of cleaning your registry, the old version can still be accessed by the user. This is a back-up feature that ensures that there will be no room for complete corruptions. 

If anything, the only improvement that RegClean Pro needs to improve on is its outdated design. Though simple and clean, it stands out too much among other modern application given its design that is reminiscent of Windows 7 design. 

User interface

Using RegClean Pro is easy because of its simple interface and intuitive controls. To guide its users in the cleanup of the registry, it has a prioritization feature that allows you to choose specific applications to open during your start-up. After all, having too many apps open along with your computer can result in a slower start-up. 

Opening the application instantly leads you to the main room where most of the important features are already shown. This includes Scan Registry Tool, Status, Defrag Registry Tool, Settings, Register Tool, and Backup Registry Took. 

To make sure that users are given real-time advice and guides, a 24/7 customer service is available. The application itself also has a guide that explains the different areas of your computer that is being arranged by the application. A status report is also given where the number of errors, levels of damage, and other information will be shown after a full registry cleaning.  

Final review of RegClean Pro

RegClean Pro has a few features. It does all of them excellently, though. It is an excellent choice for those only looking for a registry cleaner. Some applications may be preferred, though, as some antiviruses also offer this feature.