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Best registry cleaner app to use in 2020

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated September 17, 2020

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Registry cleaners are vital utility apps that should be used by any Windows user. They help you keep your system clutter-free, stable, error-free and smoothly running. If you’ve ever wondered why all those annoying system crashes, freezes and BSODs (blue screens of death) happen, a broken Windows registry is definitely to blame for them.

Do you need to use a registry cleaner?

Over time, our PCs become cluttered from all the data traffic and all our actions: constantly installing and (improperly) uninstalling apps, downloading content, copying, moving files around and so on. The Windows registry is the most crucial part of your PC, because it keeps track of all the programs you install on the device. If you continue to abuse our system without using a registry cleaner on a constant basis, your computer will become slower, apps will take longer to open and you’ll have to put up with a lot of annoying errors.

Registry cleaners scan the Windows registry and look for any missing, corrupt, broken registry entries that might cause your PC to run slower and buggier. All the entries that are no longer needed and hinder the performance of your device will be displayed and proposed for removal. You still have to give the software the permission to delete them, so you don’t have to worry that the app will remove any data you don’t want to.

Registry cleaners can delete several types of useless files, such as file extensions, DLLs (dynamic link libraries), installers, sound bits and files, fonts and more.

Which is the best registry cleaner to consider in 2020?

Best Review Guide has put in the effort and time to test all the popular registry cleaners available on the market today. After thorough research and comparisons, we ranked RegClean Pro as the number 1 registry cleaner in 2020.

RegClean Pro was developed by Systweak, a software company that is renowned for its utility apps for all operating systems. The company has been around since 1999. Some other products you may have heard of from Systweak are Duplicate Files Fixer, Advanced System Optimizer, Right Backup, Disk Analyzer, to name just a few.

What does RegClean Pro have to offer?

RegClean Pro is the paid version of the registry cleaner. Systweak also has a free version available but it is more limited in terms of features. The free version can be downloaded from the Systweak website. You can find it on other websites as well, but we advise you to carefully verify your source before downloading the app, so that you don’t accidentally download some sort of malware as well.

The free RegClean program is useful because it allows you to test the interface of the app and run a full scan of your system without paying any money. RegClean will display all the registry issues it finds and it will even let you fix some of them, although you are only limited to 15 registry entries.

If you are willing to register the product, you’ll upgrade to the RegClean Pro version, which gives you access to all the features of the software:

  • Registry entries fixing
  • Registry defragmentation and optimization
  • Backup/restore Windows registry
  • Scheduled registry cleanings
  • Custom scans by areas
  • Multi-user cleaning (without having to log in to each account to scan and clean the registry)

How much do you have to pay for RegClean Pro?

RegClean Pro is priced at $39.95. For this price, you get a 1-year license and a free lifetime license for another Systweal software: PhotoStudip (v2.1). PhotoStudio is great for adding visual effects to your images, for creating slideshows and presentations and more.