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Stellar Drive Toolbox Full review 2022

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 12, 2022

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The Stellar Drive ToolBox is a system optimizer designed for Mac. It has a lot of features that target the hard drive, the different parts of the software, and more to make this possible. The application was developed by Stellar Information Technology. The application boasts 2 million users that continue to trust it for optimizing their Mac’s performance. It is suited for both single users and for multiple users using its technician version. With the application, users only need to do a couple of clicks for the performance to be optimized.

How does Stellar Drive help your system?

In simple terms, the application is a collection of different features that can fix the computer’s issues. First, it scans it to look for any of the issues such as in the software, hard drive, and more. It then matches these different issues to the feature that can be used for it.

Features of Stellar Drive

SpeedUp Mac

The first feature is a combination of scanning and cleaning. First, it looks for any files that are leftovers from uninstalled applications. This is because it is usually a source of duplicate files. It will also look for binary files and the ones in the cache that can no longer be used. It will gather this and then delete it after if it is considered to be unnecessary. Through this, the user can have faster performance. It can also increase the storage of the Mac and allow users to download more applications and files.

Drive Clone

The Stellar drive clone is a feature that can be used to create an exact copy of the hard drive of the Mac. Through this, you can have a backup in case it is suddenly corrupted beyond fixing. This feature can work for the NTFS and ExFAT files which makes it compatible for many computers. This tool of the application was very reliable in creating the backup. This can also be automated depending on a schedule which can create multiple entries of backups.

Data Wipe

With this feature, you can choose a specific part of the storage that will be cleared by the application. With this, you can either select only the specific files or delete the entire folder. Through this, you can be ensured that there will be no leftover entries in the computer that may need to be deleted later on as the tool is quite reliable in clearing them out. Examples of entries that can be deleted include messages, online browsing records, and more.

Partition manager

Partitions are divisions in the hard drive that can help organize the files into separate parts. In a single hard drive, you have these to make it easier to back up. With this tool, you can simply identify the partitions of the hard drive of the Mac and modify it. For example, you can resize, delete some of its files, and reveal any hidden partitions inside the computer. The feature can be used for FAT, NTFS, HFS, and HFS+ types of partitions which makes it flexible.


Fragments within the hard drive will be created when you tend to uninstall and install frequently. These are gaps within the files that can make loading times much slower. This is usually the culprit behind older computers being slower. The defragmentation feature can be used to make the computer’s storage compact once more to give you better speed and performance. Even with such a complicated process, the application is still designed simply and is easy to understand.

Drive Features

The application has a lot of tools that can help optimize the hard drive for the best performance. First, it can edit it to look for any corrupt entries and errors. It can show you the hex values of the files in case you are knowledgeable enough to analyze this. Next, it can also recover backups of the drivers in case it becomes corrupted. It also has a monitor tool that can tell you if the drive needs to be optimized. Users can also encrypt specific files to make it harder to access for third parties who may hack into your files and try to steal personal information.


Stellar Drive ToolBox is a great hard drive optimizer that is filled with features like encrypting, cleaning, and backup that many would need. It also comes in a simple and clean interface that makes the process easy.

In the end, the application is more of a hard drive protection tool given that Mac is quite tight in its software protocols unlike the more liberal Windows. However, users can still improve the performance of their Mac device using this which is why it is recommendable.