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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home With Landscaping & Decks Design 10 Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 29, 2021

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Most home improvement projects could be a very costly endeavor. For everything to turn out great, a professional is certainly needed. But hiring a designer is very expensive. While trying to do it yourself would cost you both time and money. And the results might not turn out as you expect them to be. 

Virtual Architect Ultimate is the solution for such a predicament. By taking advantage of the current computing technology, Virtual Architect Ultimate manages to bring the full home design capabilities into your hand. Your dream home and landscape design project is just one click away.

About Virtual Architect Ultimate

Virtual Architect Ultimate is one of the top products from a consumer software developer and publisher called Nova Development. Founded in 1984, Nova Development has continuously crafted solutions for the consumer's design, imaging, and publishing problems using the latest advancement in computing technology. 

Now operating under the wings of Avanquest Group, Nova Development has become one of the leading companies in the Home Design software market that are geared towards individual consumers and small businesses. And this latest iteration of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home further cements their reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Features of Virtual Architect Ultimate
  • Design your dream home from scratch. Virtual Architect Ultimate allowed its users to design a space, rooms, or even houses, from scratch. You can put down the blueprint as you see fit, no matter how big or small it is, and start building and decorating from there.
  • Decorate rooms using your own photos. One of the most groundbreaking features of this latest iteration of Virtual Architect Ultimate is the ability to turn your own photos into a blueprint. This means you could simply take a picture whenever you found an interesting room and use that picture as the base of your creation.
  • Digital interior design. When it comes to interior design, you can go through every kind of detail that you want. You can change the material of the walls, the colors of the paint, use any patterns that you like, etc. The customization is pretty much endless.
  • Furniture and appliances. There are hundreds of furniture and appliances that you can choose from within the Virtual Architect Ultimate. Every model comes in different sizes with colors that you could customize to your liking. Most of them also look just like furniture that comes from real brands. This means whatever you do in the program, you will be able to easily replicate it in real life. 
  • Remodeling. After you spent countless hours crafting your perfect room or house until it fits perfectly with your vision, Virtual Architect Ultimate could create a photorealistic 3D model of it. With this feature, you could do a virtual walk to get the feel of how everything would turn out in real life.
  • Paint surfaces and fabrics. You can customize almost everything with the virtual Architect Ultimate, even the paint on various surfaces and fabrics. Whether it's the surface of furniture or the color of a certain kind of fabric, you can turn it into whatever you like. 
  • Kitchen builder wizard. A kitchen required a particular set of attention that other rooms might not need. In order for the kitchen to function as it's supposed to, you need to design it properly from the ground up. Virtual Architect Ultimate has a special function just for that purpose. From setting the electricity, plumbing, and even choosing the appliances, you could easily do it all with Virtual Architect Ultimate.
  • Cabinets. As mentioned before, Virtual Architect Ultimate has tons of options that you can choose when it comes to furniture and appliances. But you can go a step further for the cabinets. You can design your own cabinets to fit whatever purpose you have in mind for them and adjust the size according to your particular needs.
Benefits of Virtual Architect Ultimate
  • One-time payment. A copy of Virtual Architect Ultimate is priced at $99.99. For some, that price might seem a tad too high and feel immediately put off by it. One thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that it is only a one-time payment. This means, you only need to pay once for this powerful software and it's yours forever. Unlike the subscription method that requires you to keep paying as long as you use it.
  • Easy to use. For all of its vast capabilities, Virtual Architect Ultimate is surprisingly very easy to use. The interface was designed in such a way as to make it easy for beginners to find their way around the software. Sure, some basic learning is required in order to take full advantage of the software. But for the most part, you could immediately use it just minutes after you open it up for the first time.
  • Comes with video tutorials. As a testament to their desire to help the users as much as possible, every copy of Virtual Architect Ultimate comes with video tutorials. These videos would make it easier for you to navigate every function of this powerful tool. You can find almost every answer to your problems regarding the use of Virtual Architect through these videos.

Remodeling and redecorating a room or even a house shouldn't be an expensive nor arduous task. The process itself should be fun and exciting. Virtual Architect Ultimate allows you to try different things and experiment with different options before finally committing yourself to any particular design. If you have a plan to change the look and feel of your house, then this software should be on the top of your list. If you are looking for a more in depth review of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home design we have done a more in depth analysis of the entire program!