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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Pricing

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 3, 2021

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Designing your future house is a very difficult task if you do not have any means to properly visualize it in front of you. For this, home designing apps are the solution for many. Capable of translating a blueprint into an actual home on the screen, these applications are used by a lot of architects, engineers, and interior designers who want to share their vision to their clients in order to negotiate better. These are designed with high-quality tools which are precise in terms of measurements, design, and the likes.

What does Virtual Architect Ultimate Home do?

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home is a popular choice among users to design your house on your computer. It is especially known for its abundance of designing tools and real-life objects which maximize accuracy when used. It was developed by Nova Development which is a part of the Avanquest group of software. They are among the largest publishers of software in the United States. Included in their popular products that are used by users worldwide are InPixio, Print Artist, and Virtual Architect Ultimate Home. They continue to develop these applications in order to suit the ever-changing needs of their customers in order to maintain the high-quality of their best-selling products.

Features of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home

Being an architect’s best friend, the application is designed to be able to build a house from the exteriors up to the tiniest details of the interior.

First, it can design the interior of the house. This can be seen with different paints, stains, and fabrics that you can match with the wall. You can also incorporate digital photos of these if you want to get a more realistic depiction of something very specific to you. They also incorporate famous colors from known brands worldwide which can give more accuracy to your design.

Interior designers will be very pleased with the abundance of furniture and appliances that they can design rooms with. Included here are sofas, chairs, tables, and the likes. These are also designed with a variety of design inspirations in order to match specific tastes and design trends. The application also has a wide range of electronics and appliances. A specific feature that they have is having furniture that are friendly for the disabled which makes it more inclusive for all needs. 


With the application, users can also plan the outdoors of their house.You can design your patio, deck, garden and more.

The software allows you to put additional parts such as hot tubs, pathways, and decks of your outdoors. For this, users simply need to create a space outside of the house, add the accessories, and then fence it off. The fences come in a  variety of designs, posts, and post size. Same with the objects inside of the house, you can also import digital photos to give more authenticity to the design of the house. 

For gardening purposes, the application has its own Plant Encyclopedia. Here, users can get information about more than 7,500 types of flowers, shrubs, and trees as to guide users about its nutritional requirements in case they want to have a blooming garden. 

Translating the blueprint

With the application, users can transform their blueprints into a simulation which is very close to the actual design. In case there are specific parts that need very thorough details, they can easily remodel this with the application. This includes the need to insert double doors, unique windows designs, and curves for the roof. 

After creating the design for the house, the user can then do a complete tour of the house. This will give it the best lighting to give the best accuracy for showing your different textures. This can also be a very good presentation tool for showing your final design to your clients. 

A user can also create the design either in 2D or 3D.

Pricing of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home

The application can be bought from Amazon for the price of $99.99. This includes the application along with Virtual Architect Instant Makeover 2.0. You can also add $6.95. With this, you can return to the website and download it anytime within 2 years. Without this, you are only allowed to do this for 28 days. Lastly, you can also add $9.95 if you want to get a backup copy of the software that will be sent to your house through a DVD.