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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 6, 2021

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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is one of the best choices for home design apps. Packed with a lot of items for display, customization tools for home building, and even an outdoor design editor, it is sure to help users translate their blueprints into 3D designs very easily. Created by Nova Development US, the application is continuously improved to include more objects in its library along with more tools for better home designing. This article is a complete review of the application’s interface, tools, and more.

First impressions

One of the best parts about Virtual Architect is its push towards guiding users both amateur and experts in using a home design application. It contains countless guides and wizards which you can use for creating your design.

Upon opening, the application will immediately guide you through every of its features if you want. This immediately made us more comfortable with the app. Most of the tools also come with intuitive icons and short descriptions with them to allow us to easily grasp them.

The application has a bit of a dated design that can be seen with its Windows XP motif, it's hard toolbar edges, and old icons. This wasn’t much of a concern for executing the home designs, though.

The House Builder wizard will guide the user through the process of translating the blueprint into a 3D design. It can also guide you through the different pre-made templates which you can immediately apply with a couple of clicks. This can then be modified and tweaked as to fit your vision.

Application performance

The application isn’t picky with the computer where you will use it. In fact, it can be used by computers with an operating system as old as Vista and as new as Windows 10 which means that most modern ones can run it. It can also run with only 4GB of RAM and 1 GB dedicated for video. For optimal performance, this is best paired with a processor of at least Intel i5. With this as our build, we did not encounter any very long loading times or application crashes while building. Navigating through the tools was also smooth. Most importantly, the final rendering of the house, complete with accurate lighting and paint, was very fast.

Designing the house

To design the house, users can start by creating the walls and the floors. Users simply need to click and drag to do this along with inserting the measurements for specific parts. Doors and windows are also easy to add to any rooms. The options for these are also abundant as to follow any specific design theme that you like such as Rustic or Minimalist. You can also add the window coverings, paint, and material types for the walls. Users can also specify the electrical planning and the plumbing of the rooms which makes it very detailed for creating bathrooms, bedrooms, and more.

Furnishing the house

After creating the skeleton of the house which are its rooms, you can proceed to furnish it as to plan its interior. This is one of the specialties of the application.

First, they offer a lot of choices for the different wall and floor patterns that you can use which includes wood, tiles, marble, and more. This can also be seen with the fabric and color choices of the application.

Next, they offer hundreds of furniture and appliances that can be displayed in each room of the house. This includes the dressers, sofas, tables, bathtubs, and more. They also offer a lot of countertops and materials that are specified for the kitchen and bathroom to make it more complete. They also have the feature to incorporate 3D appliances to expand your choices. They also have specific brands that can be inserted into the plan.

Designing the outdoors

The application can also be used to design the outdoors. This includes designing the garden, inserting patios and gazebos, and more. For this, they even have a plant encyclopedia which has more than 7,500 entries of plants, trees, shrubs, and more. This has a specific description to them that can guide you about the best place for them and the best type of watering and soil needs. This feature is praiseworthy because of its abundance of objects and the ease of putting these.


Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is an easy pick for users who want an easy and complete application for designing both the indoors and outdoors. If an extensive library is not a necessity for you, the application contains everything you may need for home design.


  •         Tools are easy to use
  •         Comes with electrical and plumbing planning
  •         Runs on most computers


  •         Limited library
  •         Outdated interface

Virtual Architect is a very good choice for both amateur and expert home designers. Translating the blueprint into a 3D design is smooth and easy with the application.