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Top 5 most innovative house designs in the world

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated January 29, 2020

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We all look for the same things in a house: to be as affordable as possible, quick to build, practical and with an attractive design. If it can also be portable and eco-friendly, there’s your dream house right there.

There are myriad of insane home concepts out there and they are getting more and more innovative every year.

Here are some of the coolest, most insane house designs in the world. And the best thing about them is that they’re also low-budget.

Mami House in Portugal. Built by Jose Carlos Nunes de Oliveira, this amazingly futuristic house is a concrete cube and has very little rooms. It cost around $110,000. Jose Carlos explained that he sees the house as a mini bunker and he focused more on making it energy efficient than on investing in finishing materials. 

mami house home design software house

mami house house home design software


Koda House in Estonia. The design belongs to the Estonian design company Kodasema. The house can be ordered for approximately $130,000. The Koda house has 269 square feet and it can be put together in about 7 hours. It can be taken apart in only 4 hours. But don’t let that make you think less of it. This little portable house comes equipped with everything you need: kitchen, bathroom, the living area and a lofted bed.

koda house home design software

koda house home design software

koda house home design software

Sources:, Tonu Tunnel

The minimalist house in Tokyo, Japan. Its architect was Label Xain. The house has a futuristic, asymmetrical shape.

minimalist house in tokyo home design software

Source: Pinterest

The Ecocapsule. It was designed by Nice Visions, a firm in the Netherlands. It is eco-friendly and can be ordered for around $83,000. It can be customized to meet the buyer’s needs. The roof has solar cells and it also comes with a small wind turbine. As a backup system, it also has rechargeable battery that provides energy for at least 4 days.

ecocapsule home design software house

Source: Nice Visions

The Kokoon in Finland. It was built as a project by a team of students from the University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. It only takes a day to be built and it has 3 modules. It costs around $15,000/level.

kokoon house home design software

kokoon house home design software

kokoon house home design software inside

Source: Kokoon


These are some pretty cool home designs and if you are looking for more just take a look at virtual architect ultimate home design with landscaping and decks 9.0 review . This cool piece of software allows you to design and mock up your wildest dreams!