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DreamPlan Home Design Software Review

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated March 27, 2020

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DreamPlan Home Design Software is an application that you can use to design both the exterior and interior of either an apartment or a home. Built to match the needs of an architect and interior designs, the application matches the needs of both with its countless features and innovations. These include instant templates, easy scaling and designing, and a blueprint mode. 

DreamPlan Home Design Software

DreamPlan is a relatively new name in the home design industry. Even with this, they have managed to become a standout brand because of its innovative and helpful tools. It is a good choice both for pros and for amateurs. 

An instant feature that differentiates it from other applications is that 2D view editing. This can then be converted to a 3D design that has grid lines for users to see the right size and fit for the actual design. 

For potential customers to be able to grasp the application, DreamPlan offers a free version. It does not have all the features and tools but it gives just enough for you to be convinced to purchase the product. 

Easy to use

DreamPlan is known for its low skill cap which makes it friendly even for newer users. Compared to products such as TurboFloor and Virtual Architect, this application is the easiest to use. As said earlier, allowing its users to transform their 2D designs to 3D ones which have guide grids make it easier to align walls and to correct any mistakes that cannot be seen in a 2D sketch.

To further improve its friendliness to newer users, it already has several templates for floor plans. This makes it easier to create basics and to only edit specific parts to achieve a certain vision. You can still create one from scratch if you are confident enough, though. 

Adding a roof to your house is easy. It has a specific feature called the roof wizard which automatically covers the area which you plan to cover. It can adapt to any kind of room, may it be square or rectangular. This is an important feature that saves you time from having to manually set this. If you would like a more unique alteration to it, you can make adjustments to it manually. You can edit things such as gables or eaves that may be important to achieve a certain architectural style. 

Pros of using DreamPlan Home Design Software

Ease of use – DreamPlan Home Design is one of the easiest to use among all architecture software available. A highlight is the mentioned 2D and 3D design that allows users to be able to create a sketch of their design faster and only fix certain mistakes in the 3D design rather than starting from scratch. This is because it is usually harder to create a design when using a 3D view.

also has several templates which you can use instantly if it is closer to your vision of design. It is easily customizable. 

Free trial – To let others be able to test its features, DreamPlan currently offers a free trial. Not every feature is included here but it is enough to be able to convince users to buy it.

Cons of using DreamPlan Home Design Software

  1. A small library of objects – One important feature of a home design software is the objects library. From here, you can look for any items which can be used either indoor or outdoor. This application has only 65 items which are on the lesser side when compared with its competitors. To compensate for this, their website offers an expansion pack that adds lighting, plumbing, and more items which can be availed for free. 

Features of DreamPlan Home Design Software

The website of DreamPlan advertises the software as one that can create your realistic 3D home. It can be used for a variety of floor plans including apartments, houses, and condos. It has a custom set of available furniture and items to meet any particular design. It can also be used to plan exterior landscape and garden spaces. 

To plan for your home and floor plan designs, the application offers a smooth interface that allows can make the process of house planning and customization easier. While the design isn’t on par with newer and minimalist design trends (their designs are reminiscent of Windows XP and Vista), it is fairly easy to navigate and use. It has a trace mode that you can use to import existing floor plans in case you already have one. 

You can also view your plans in blueprint mode which makes it easier to see intricate details such as plumbing. You can also view in both 2D and 3D modes. 

Designs for the kitchen and the bathroom can also be fully realized as every detail of these can be planned. The addition of furniture and appliances in 3D form makes it easier to match a design to your expectations. You can even design a basement for the house in case it also part of the design. 

For landscape and garden designs, the application has available items to match any designs in mind. It has available tree and garden designs. You can also plan the arrangement of the terrain for the garden. You can also create swimming pool designs to fully realize a certain plan in mind. Same with the indoor planning, you can also use 3D views and models as to add more unique content to your garden. To increase the items you can add, you can download additional content from their website. 

To complete the plan of the house, multiple designs for walls can be used. The application supports multiple stories for houses where you can put decks. As mentioned above, putting a roof in a room is easy as the application does it for you. You can also customize to fit any preferences.

Users can also import any image files for you to use as the wallpaper for the rooms. This is to support those who want to put designs that are in the library of the application.