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Common home design mistakes you should avoid

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated January 29, 2020

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Poor design decisions are bad in any field and they can be all the more annoying when they affect your own home, your sanctuary, the place where you come back every day, again and again and again. Home design flaws are usually the result of insufficient planning, a small budget or simply of your subjective thinking. We have taken a look at many different pieces of software that can help you out when digitally mocking up your designs, with the first being: turbofloorplan home & landscape pro .

Here are the most common home design errors to avoid:

  • Improper lighting; the light is either too dim or too strong. Both cases are tiring for the eye. The best thing to do is opt for an overhead light and add additional layers by also getting floor or table lamps. You don’t have to turn them on all at once, but it is good to have enough options for creating the perfect light, depending on the context/requirements
  • There isn’t enough air circulation. While on one hand this may be a good thing for preserving heat or cool air and having lower bills to pay, it can also mean less fresh air for you to breath. Also, if for instance, you keep your windows sealed, it might be harder for you to evacuate in case of an emergency (a fire for instance)
  • Poorly designed floor plans; one of the most relevant examples can be the ‘ranch’ style, a very common house type in the US, especially after WWII. Not all ranches are poorly designed though. The good looking ones consist in a central living area from which all the rooms stem, connected by hallways. But the poorly designed ones look like a box, a congestion of squares and rectangles with no character
  • Improper furniture, which can be either undersized or oversized. A lot of people fail to carefully take into consideration the size of the space before purchasing their furniture. The result? Over-crowded or empty spaces, due to poorly chosen furniture. Always take precise measurements before buying anything and think ahead whether the items you want to get fit well. Another mistake related to the furniture is choosing the paint before choosing the furniture
  • People showcase too much of their family photos. We all know that family is important and you have to keep your loved ones and family memories close to you anyway you can, more often than not through photos, but sometimes we get carried away and we display too much. Filling your entire home with photo frames is not the best decision. Another mistake is placing artwork like paintings and so on, too high, which is somehow disturbing to the eye. As a tip, try to hang your paintings only 8 to 10 inches above your furniture
  • Garages are too big and placed distastefully. We are becoming more and more efficient and eco-friendly these days and this is also reflected in the cars we buy. So there’s no need to uglify your beautifully designed home by placing a big, ugly garage in front of it. Sometimes this is hard to avoid, especially if you have 2 cars or more, but at least place the garage off to the side rather than in front of the house, blocking half of it and compromising your entire design.

The other piece of software that we suggest taking a look at is Virtual Architect Ultimate . This piece of software, and the turbofloorplan software are the best at mocking up the appereance of what your house could look like, so take a look and see what you think.