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Why do I need to update the drivers on my computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 17, 2021

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The computer requires a lot of work to be maintained. With years of usage, it naturally collects a lot of different issues that exist in the software, hardware, and its security. For this, there are a lot of applications built for optimizing the registry, deleting malware, and freeing up hard disk space. However, one of the often-forgotten maintenance tools for the computer is driver updating. This process affects both the hardware and the software which is why all users should always update these.

What are drivers?

. It basically translates the computer’s commands for the hardware to understand. This allows the parts such as keyboard, monitor, video cards, and more to be connected to the computer. These drivers are directly made by the manufacturers of the parts and are continuously updated. These updates can then fix bugs and issues that these hardware parts may face in the future. Because of this, drivers should always be an important step whenever you maintain the computer. It allows you to run your applications, experience less hardware issues, and more.

How do you update drivers on your system?

Microsoft Windows users should know that the system already has a built-in driver updater. Whenever you have a full system update which happens about once a month, you can choose to select specific drivers in the PC which you want to update even if it is optional. However, keep in mind that Windows updates only arrive at least once a month. This means that you won’t always have the most updated drivers. Aside from this, the system does not necessarily update all outdated drivers in the computer and may miss some.

Aside from this, another way is through your Device Manager. This is a built-in tool by Windows which you use to check the current condition of your computer’s drivers. Here, you can see the exact name of the driver and can even have the option to roll back to an older model of the driver. Once you are here, you would have to manually check for the version of each driver, check the Internet to look for its latest version, download it to your computer, and then do a full installation. As we can see, the process is very long and complicated.

Finally, the method that we recommend is to simply use a driver updater. These are applications that have built-in tools to update the drivers of the computer. It simply requires the user to do a couple of clicks for it to update each driver of the computer. This tool is safe to use and has built-in protocols to avoid having corrupted entries or important system files. These apps are targeted for all users regardless of their computer knowledge. These applications come in both free and paid versions. Users are recommended to look for the best balance between budget and functionality for these applications.

How do automatic driver updaters work?

As stated above, they are built for maximum user convenience. Because of this, almost all of these apps have a similar interface and steps for using.

First, the application will start by scanning the different drivers of the computer. It will look for the drivers of each hardware part and sort out the ones that are outdated and those that are still new. These will be gathered in one list for the user to see. From here, they will have an idea about how long the updating process would last along with the amount of data needed for the download.

After this, the user can decide whether to update only a single driver or update all of them at once. The time for the whole process to finish will then depend upon this, their internet speed, and the speed of their computer. Most of these applications take care of the download and installation process and can run in the background while you use other apps.

After these are fully installed, you can then do a full restart of the application. After restarting, the drivers will be fully in effect. This is a necessary step for ensuring that they are properly installed in your computer.


Drivers are important tools of the software for the computer to recognize the hardware parts. These are continuously updated by the manufacturers to solve issues related to it. Users can either manually update each of these or use a more convenient driver updater. After updating drivers, users can expect better computer stability and performance which is why it is advised to be done whenever you maintain the computer.