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Is Driverfix Safe for my System and How Do I Use It?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 27, 2021

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No matter how well-known a software company is, imperfections and flaws will always tail them. It’s what separates success from failure, whether it sells or not. Even so, why do problems always find their way despite all the measures they’ve taken?

Driverfix is no exception to this unfortunate case. Well, at least the concerned tech enthusiasts have genuine comments, but are these accusations true? Is the software responsible for creating viruses and infecting computer files? We have the answer.

Malware Detected

In terms of user protection, Google is known for their multi-layered security that immediately detects potential threats. From worms to trojans, nothing can escape the protective net, essentially blocking the entrance to your delicate operating system. So why does the company giant brands Driverfix as badware?

It’s  no-joke when your web browser detects that something is off about the files you download on the internet. But chances of false-positives are big because you use a content filtering system. It has been 2018 since Driverfix gave clear answers and we can say that after looking at their response and the program ; we can say DriverFix is safe for anyone to use.

However, I’ve experienced an intriguing encounter that might raise your eyebrows and give you trust issues. The first time I download the program, Google revealed it to be a potentially harmful file. From my perspective, this is rather a disturbing discovery, but there’s no solid proof yet. The reality is that the word potentially makes it a catch all. In our DriverFix review we found no negative actions taken by the program and before we updated any drivers we were asked clearly if that is what we wanted to do. 

After a few minutes of exploring the software, I’ve managed to download and update six drivers on my computer. To make sure everything’s in good shape, I ran Malwarebytes and did a quick scan. Results have been conclusive: there’s no threat.

It was impressive how the company stuck to their words when it comes to PC safety. Nothing more to expect about being trustworthy as they’re the real definition of it.

Is DriverFix a scam?

Over time, people have learned every side of the internet and the pros and cons of using it. Not everything in it isn’t reliable after all. But how far can internet users say whether stuff is a scam or not is still an open debate.

On a subreddit I encounter a couple while, some people are creating a negative reputation for Driverfix. They said that the software is milking money from people as drivers released by manufacturers are free. A group of people even claimed the potential virus it may bring to your credit card and desktop alike.

We already debunked how authentic and malware-free the software and files. But it’s too much to say that the software is fraudulent. Drivers are free. But for individuals who loves automating, that’s the reason why Driverfix exist. It is the same as saying anyone who charges for a service is a scam. Sure you can wash your own car with water, soap and elbow grease.... but if you take your car to a car wash and they charge you for it then is it a scam? No, DriverFix will find the right drivers that you need to make your system run well, and there is a charge for that. Just as there is a charge, and a higher price, for a waiter to bring you a beer than if you get a beer at home. 

What is DriverFix?

Driverfix is the ultimate solution for fixing issues on your computer by updating all your system components with a single click. Get the most convenient service without paying a single cent. It’s all free, but limitations apply.

When manufacturing companies for your PC components like Realtek received reports of unstable performance, they respond through updates. Files are always free and ready to download, yet the system accidentally skips the essentials. You wouldn’t mind tons of device drivers to download, do you? 

How do you use DriverFix?

Driverfix is pretty neat when it comes to interface design. As a result, users have no hard time exploring it. But if you rely on a step-by-step guide on how to use the software, you’re in the right place.

Installing the Program

  1. Head over to the official Driverfix website and click “Download”.
  2. Google might detect it as a harmful file; ignore it. The most probable reason is your content filtering system might be switched on.
  3. Click on the downloaded file and select “Next” to everything. 

Upon finishing, the program will auto-scan for potential outdated drivers. It should take a few seconds, depending on your system. After that, you’ll see two windows showing the number of updated and outdated components, one-click update, and the results.

Updating Drivers

There are two actions you can do while downloading up-to-date driver files.

Automatic Update

  1. Hover over the “Update” button, which matches your preferred driver.
  2. Select “Automatically Update”. That should do the trick.

Alternatively, you can choose to pick “Update All” right after the scan that can also be found in the upper right corner of the scan results. 

Note that this feature is exclusive for premium subscribers.

Manual Update

  1. Left click “Update” on your desired device part.
  2. Proceed through “Manually Update”.
  3. Download the file. It should take between seconds or minutes.
  4. Click “Continue” and “Manually Install” to continue. This will open a new folder (which is the download path for every file you get from Driverfix’s database).
  5. Double click or press “Enter” on your keyboard to install the file.

And that’s it! We recommend rebooting your device to feel the changes for yourself. 


Should I Go Premium?

Let me remind you that the software is 100% free – no need to pay for anything. However, we found some fantastic deals and perks in exchange for a few bucks charged monthly. Here’s everything we know:

  • Unlimited Download Speed

While manually transferring files, you’ll notice how slow the progress bar is. Regardless of how poor your internet speed is, drivers should download for mb/s, not kb/s. Want a lightning-fast experience? Premium got your back.

  • Drivers Auto-Backup

There’s nothing more secure than having a plan B when everything didn’t go well as expected. Backing up drivers is an essential inclusion in case you feel the “better” becomes the “worse”. Switch driver versions for as much as you want!

  • Multi-Downloading is Multitasking

Why settle for downloading one file when you can download all of them? With a single left tap, you can say goodbye to lag, freeze, or crash. Automating is the best bet to turn the tables.


Hundreds if not thousands of similar services, yet Driverfix is the best out there. With its reliable features, you can turn your PC from slow-performing into a smooth one. On top of that, you won’t pay for anything. 

It might sound too good to be true, but there’s nothing shady about this program. It’s legitimate and tested to be safe. Feel free to support the software by availing one of their plans and experience unique benefits you can count on. If you want more information about exactly what our team found in their DriverFix Review , just click there and you will see our in depth analysis.