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Bullguard Antivirus Review

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Nowadays, antivirus programs are everywhere on the online market. They usually target big businesses and casual users, with plans that differ in terms of range and specifications in defense. They are usually targeted towards virus, malware, and other system vulnerabilities that may cause your computer to slow down.

Bullguard Antivirus is one of these. They are London-based and have been operating ever since 2002.

Price of BullGuard aV

Bullguard Antivirus is priced at $32.50 a year which is considered normal for this type of software. You are also given a discount for extending your subscription up to three years running. The Bullguard Premium Protection is best for those with multiple gadgets. It is priced at $182 for ten devices. This is probably the go-to plan for businesses that require a set of computers to access the internet.           

Features of Bullguard AV

The interface of the antivirus is a bit too complicated to understand. Instead of going for a minimalist set of options, it went for one divided into seven panels. Included here are two buttons for vulnerability scanning (to see your computer’s weaknesses), a Game Booster to boost performance, Firewalls, Backup, Parental Control (which is quite commendable), and PC Tune-Up.

These are standard features for an antivirus. Vulnerability scanning is best for those that have quite limited knowledge in terms of computers as it can easily see factors in the machine that may cause it to become slower. The Parental control of the application is quite good as it blocks access to most sites that feature mature content including some news sites and some online gaming sites. Parents can rely on this application to give wholesome content for their children.

The game booster is quite efficient. It proves that the antivirus does more than just protection for your software. Benchmark tests to see the effect of this program proved positive, with this mode truly allowing your computer to reach new peaks in terms of performance.

In terms of scanning, you are allowed to have three types, namely quick scan, full scan, and custom scan, all of which are generic for most antivirus applications. This allows you to be flexible in terms of scanning as a full scan may be too time-consuming. It will, however, be best if you think that viruses and malware are buried deep in your software.


Tests in relation to Bullguard’s skills in removing viruses and malware came out positive. It was capable of blocking malware and potentially dangerous websites. Using a Windows 10 unit, we were able to get good results on a simulation test.


Overall, Bullguard Antivirus is a good choice because of its abundance in functions. The presence of the system boosting function and its reliable parental controls makes it a good trade for its price. Its protection for your computer is also dependable. The only drawback that can be seen is its cluttered interface. Other than that, Bullguard Antivirus is commendable for both casual users and for businesses that need protection for multiple computers.