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What is GreenGeeks? What features do they offer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 17, 2021

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Web hosting services can be used to create websites with multiple web pages. Choosing one is important for you to have the best speeds, quality of display, and pricing. Because there are a lot of these in the market, many products aim to be different from its competitor to stand out. One of the most interesting services is GreenGeeks. Founded by Trey Gardner in 2008, the service has a unique promise of being eco-friendly. With them, users can help fund green energy usage that will be used for powering up their websites. They are directly connected with wind energy companies.

How does GreenGeeks work?

Basically, the company aims to have a negative carbon output through its use of wind energy which is a renewable energy. They aim to completely run everything on centers with this energy method which is why they are given countless awards and praise by environmentalists everywhere. This is especially important as the website industry is one of the major contributors of carbon pollution among businesses. Within all of our web hosting reviews we found that this was a unique aspect that we found in our GreenGeeks review.

Along with its eco-friendly promise is their high-quality of services that can be seen with their almost perfect uptime, reliable speeds, and good customer service. They currently have more than 50,000 customers which continues to grow.

GreenGeeks features

The website has a lot of features to ensure a high-quality of service reliable for all users.

First, the company strictly uses SSD or solid state disk storage arrays for the storage of your website information. The alternative is the HDD or the hard disk drive which is slower when it comes to loading times. This ensures that data can be gathered quickly and there will be less buffering whenever customers visit your website.

Aside from this, the website also ensures that you will have the best speeds with its use of various technologies. It uses LiteSpeed which is known to be especially good for its advanced technology. They also use LSache, HTTP/2, PHP7, and more which are known for being industry standards when it comes to website speed.

One of the best parts about the service is their ease of scalability. A website can naturally grow over time especially as your business does too. Because of this, they offer multiple pricing plans which you can easily upgrade to as to improve your resources to fit more needs.

Next, they also have very reliable security. They ensure that you can have a customer security system based on your rules. They also ensure that there will be no vulnerable points for the system that will have an almost zero uptime rate.

The website is one of the most stable platforms that we have seen. It stays true to this by ensuring that they have regular maintenance. First, this can be seen with creating regular backups of your website. They also have proactive monitoring to ensure that future issues will be avoided. They use container technology and account isolation for this.

They also have very solid customer support. Upon first entering their website, there will be a live representative available for a chat which you can ask for regarding pricing plans, the features of their service. They also respond fast to complaints and can easily settle out payment issues.

GreenGeeks hosting options

Users are given multiple options for the specific type of hosting that they would need.

First, users can have a dedicated website just for WordPress hosting. They offer good speeds, security, and customizability. They offer abundant storage options for users, starting with 50GB for the most affordable plan and unlimited storage for higher plans. With them, users can have free installation and mitigation of WordPress, free SSL certification, backup, unlimited databases, and more.

For commerce use, they also offer WooCommerce Hosting. Their services can give access to a single website for the most affordable plan up to unlimited ones for higher priced ones. This also comes with an installer for WordPress. This gives you access to WildCard SSL which is known for its reliable speeds even with multiple pages and websites. This hosting service is complimented by many because of its very good speeds even with high website traffic.

The service also allows Reseller Web Hosting and Virtual Private Servers.


The main selling point of GreenGeeks is its large contribution to the use of renewable energy sources. It also stands out because of its high uptime rates, its security, and its good features. Included in its standout features are its use of SSD storage devices, its multiple web hosting choices, and its use of various internet technologies to have better speeds and website stability.