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GreenGeeks Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 11, 2020

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GreenGeeks is a unique web hosting service that helps in reducing the carbon footprints of the industry while providing high-quality hosting to their users. With them, users are promised a 100% uptime rate, unlimited SSD web space storage, unlimited domains for some of their plans, and more. Users are also promised utmost security and backup for their online entries.


What is web hosting?

Web hosting services allow users to have a housing for their websites. Before starting a website, you must first have one of these to ensure that you have an actual physical location where the data you upload online will be stored. These servers are responsible for sending these files to your users. It must also defend your information against malicious attacks online. Lastly, it is their task to ensure that it is always up so that visitors of the website can always access it. Some of the major examples of these including Google, Amazon, and Cloudfare. We take a full review of GreenGeeks to find out how good they are, as well as how green they really are.


What is greengeeks

GreenGeeks is a web hosting service that has a primary goal of cutting down the carbon footprint caused by its industry. This is because it accounts for up to 2 percent of the carbon emissions worldwide which is similar with that of the airline industry. GreenGeeks aim to be different by ensuring users that they can reduce the carbon emission of the world by investing with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation which promotes renewable energy. This is unique with their service which makes them a good choice for users who especially advocate for environmental causes.


What is so green about GreenGeeks?

Cutting down the carbon emissions caused by the industry doesn’t mean that the service slacks off in its website hosting services. The company, found back in 2006, is now housing over 500,000 websites online. Their services are catered for smaller-website owners. Their plans are expandable to include features such as WordPress hosting, and VPS plans which allows it to accommodate up to intermediate-sized websites. Currently, they offer three pricing plans namely the Lite, Pro, and Premium. With Lite, users can have access to a single website, with the latter two providing unlimited websites for users. These plans come with standard features such as SSL certificates, unmetered data transfers, databases, and more. Users are given a 30-day money back guarantee.


Signing up and interface

GreenGeeks has a very straightforward user interface. To use it, users simply need to purchase a plan, register their domain, pay for the service, and then activate the domain you want to use. Users can also have access to Getting Started guide where tools and features are explained. These tools are displayed simply in the interface, with services like WordPress, Drupal 8, Magento, and more at the top. Categories like blogs, forums, wikis, can also be seen. To help beginner users, they also have different pre-made themes.

The website builder is also easy to use. Users can simply drag and drop tools as to add images, text, social media links, and more. Users are not limited with the pages and size of their website. The number of elements to be added is also not limited.

Users who have already created a website before can simply migrate it to GreenGeeks as long as they have a static site or if they formerly used a WordPress blog. This makes it very easy to transition to their service.

Customer Support

GreenGeeks has a very helpful knowledgebase where categories such as email, domains, and more can be seen. All of these can help users be familiarized with the service. Aside from this, users can also instead ask support through a live chat tool. They can also send a ticket or an e-mail to them which may take a day or two to be answered.


GreenGeeks Performance

As mentioned above, GreenGeeks is also reliable in terms of uptime rate and speed. First, we tested the uptime of the website and found that it has a rate of 100% which means that users can always visit websites made under the service without errors. Even with their smaller server in comparison with bigger hosting services, they still have a very reliable performance which makes them a good choice. The speeds of websites under them also did not disappoint given their good response time rates. For this, the company uses the best speed technologies with the use of MariaDB, LiteSpeed, LSCache, and more. Users can also expect better page loads with their use of SSD storage.


Special features

With them, users can have unlimited SSD web space. This allows users to not be limited in the content that they can upload. Just ensure that it will not be too much for your visitors, though.

Next, users can have access for unlimited domains even with just one account which is limited for their Pro and Premium plans which allows unlimited websites. This is generous compared to other services.

With them, users can ensure that their websites will always be kept safe and secure. They use enhanced SPAM protection to reduce the occurrence of this from your website. They also use redundant hardware to ensure that their server is always up. The website always ensures that it backs-up your data every night so that none of your data is accidentally erased or deleted.

Final thoughts

GreenGeeks is a very recommendable web hosting service both for those who want an eco-friendly service that also has excellent hosting features. With GreenGeeks, users would not be disappointed with the speed, security, features, and quality of their service.


  • Offers plans with unlimited domains and web storage
  • Has a very unique goal of reducing carbon footprints caused by the industry
  • Has a simple interface that is easy to use
  • Offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Allows integration of WordPress blogs and static websites


  • None