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Does NordVPN have a trial? How can you try before you pay for it?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 21, 2021

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NordVPN has always been an excellent choice for a VPN service. They offer excellent performance in terms of speed, features, and security. The service is based in Panama which makes them exempt from government surveillance that makes them excellent for those who want a reliable no-logging policy. Often hailed as the best VPN service, many users naturally want to test out the service to see if it can bypass a certain website, is useful for their daily activities, and more. This article is a quick guide to see if it has a free trial, its pricing plans, and its features.

Does NordVPN have a trial?

NordVPN claims to have a free trial, but it is not exactly what you would expect. Most of the time, free trial applications are available with no commitments needed. Users are usually only expected to download an application that will last for at least 30 days where they will be given some features to use to see if the application is good for them. NordVPN takes a different approach.

Being a VPN service, it would be best for users to see all of the features of the service in their trial period. This means that with them, users will have full access to all VPN servers, security features, and more.

However, this also means that they would have to pay completely for the trial period. The only difference is that they have a hassle-free money-back guarantee in case you decide that you would not want to extend your subscription anymore. Because of this, we prefer to call this period an “easy reimbursement period” that requires payment to be used which can easily be refunded without any questions. The good thing is that users can get access to the full application but the bad thing is that they may forget to cancel their subscription later on.

What is included in the free trial?

As mentioned above, subscribing to their “free trial” is basically like paying for a one-month subscription that you can easily ask for a refund for. Because of this, you are given a lot of features.

Features of NordVPN

No-logging policy

Compared to VPNs that are completely free, users can get more access to better features. First, they are ensured that their activities will not be logged online. This is a very feature that ensures that they will have complete anonymity while they browse the internet. This is because some free VPNs may be selling the data of their users to advertisers which means that they still keep track of your online activities which betrays the point of using a VPN in the first place.

Reliable encryption

Next, NordVPN gives access to very reliable data encryption. With this, users can get access to military-grade technology that makes it very hard for hackers to get access to any of their private information. In comparison, free VPNs tend to use older technology that is not sufficient enough with all the advances that many hackers nowadays have.

Server choices

NordVPN offers up to 5200 servers that are spread in 59 countries. The abundance of servers is a great sign of the quality of the service. After all, having more options lets you choose the best one for download and upload speeds. This also makes it easy to unblock content that is restricted only for a single country. Finally, this ensures that there will be less instances of having overcrowded servers, which is a common issue for servers which serve countries with a huge traffic such as those based in the USA, UK, and more.

In contrast, free VPNs usually have a lot of user traffic that naturally fills their limited servers. Relying simply on advertisements and donations to operate, they may also have limited technologies for protection, server maintenance, and the likes.


With a VPN service, users can expect slower download and upload speeds. This is because a VPN service needs to fully encrypt the information you send online and then send it through a protected and private tunnel. However, with the abundance of server choices given to users, they can now have access to servers that can give them the best performance. This is true even if they connect to a country that is on the opposite side of the globe. Aside from this, NordVPN also uses very good encrypting and protecting technologies that also take internet speed into consideration when protecting the anonymity of the user.


One of the best features of NordVPN is ad blocking. With this, you can avoid pop-ups and relentless advertising towards you. Being a VPN service, you are also safe from the tracking activities of advertisers that are used to give you more personalized advertisements. In contrast, free VPNs may provide you advertisements that directly come from their service as their way of getting income. Some may even be getting information from you to give you more targeted ads.

Unlimited bandwidth

NordVPN gives you unlimited access to its protection no matter how much information you download and upload. This ensures that you will be free to stream, play video games, and browse the internet without worries. This is also very helpful for those who want to torrent using the service. For the latter, they even have dedicated servers just to give you the best torrenting speeds.

Customer support

NordVPN’s free trial also completely gives you access to their customer support. This is available 24/7 in the forms of e-mail, live chat, and telephone calls.


NordVPN’s free trial is more of an easy refund service within 30 days of usage. Because of this, users can get access to all of its features.