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Which are the best VoIP providers?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated May 8, 2020

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VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology for voice and video transmission using the internet instead of a traditional telephone network. IP-based communication is the next-generation network, which is becoming the standard in the world and whose essence is cheaper phone bills, high-level quality communication, international and conference calls for small, midsized businesses and enterprises, as well as for residential users.


Notable features that truly set them apart are over 1,500 app integration capability (with your CRM system, email system, already owned conferencing system, and many more), the only VoIP provider that offers multimedia service capability (their mobile app allows MMS text, videos and photos, they are very committed to team collaboration with great features and tools for small, midsized companies and enterprises, a separate web conferencing platform for premium conference experience. RingCentar offers a free professional level zoom web conferencing account within the purchased account.

The pricing is around $25 a month/user on a 36 months contract. RingCentral offers 4 different plans: Essentials (for up to 20 users) for $19.99 per user, Standard (with unlimited video conferencing for up to 4 people per meeting and unlimited internet fax) for $24.99, Premium (with unlimited video conferencing for up to 100 people per meeting and 2.500 toll-free minutes) for $34.99 per month and Ultimate (with unlimited video conferencing for up to 200 people per meeting, 10,000 toll-free minutes, and many more) for $49.99 per month.

RingCentral Enterprise

RingCentral is committed to expanding its offer and premium quality for enterprises. Some of the best features are HD video conferencing that can host up to 100 participants per meeting. They are also offering several add-ons for an HD video conferencing: Webinar, Large Meetings, RingCentral Rooms™, RingCentral Room Connector™. With these features everything you or your conference users are sharing can be stored on Dropbox or Google Drive. Messaging and collaboration are much more reliable and efficient with their Glip’s team chat software that will create a unique and shared workspace. This software allows you unlimited users and unlimited messaging in a real chat time. With a file sharing feature and unlimited storage you can rely on this software.

RingCentral Enterprise is offering communication service for over 70 countries worldwide, with features like toll-free and vanity numbers, presence and head-up display, call delegation, call forwarding and screening, shared line, internet fax, voicemail-to-email, and many more. RingCentral Enterprises is a highly reliable and secure VoIP service provider and the company claims that its secure network is covered with seven layers of security: enterprise organization, business process, host, physical, application, network and data. With their 24/7 platform monitoring, their SLA metrics are 99.99%. This provider is one of the most reliable in terms of hosting quality. With end-to-end encryption, RingCentral Enterprises provides Transport Layer Security together with Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol. SRTP is ensuring a high-quality multimedia transmission between two or more parties. HD video and voice quality are ensured by Opus Interactive codec.


Nextiva is one of the top-rated VoIP providers, and it offers suitable plans for small businesses and enterprises.

They charge on a per extension per user basis meaning that you will have to pay for every extension per user on a monthly basis. The contracts are for 24 or 36 months, and the company is willing to give better prices for a longer contract period. They tend to be more competitive on the market and that is the reason why they offer flexible rates per user/per extension. Also, Nextiva is known for its business high level features with no charge. They offer a free CRM system so you can easily communicate with your phone system, track and tag information inside your team, and also from the sales opportunity. Toll-free number and virtual phone fax features are included in all business pro plans.

Nextiva offers 3 business phone services: Essential (with 1000 minutes toll-free numbers, unlimited conference call and video conferencing) for $19.99/month, Professional with 2500 minutes toll-free numbers, unlimited audio and video conference calls, screen sharing, and more) for $20.95/month and Enterprise (with all features mentioned plus voicemail transcription, voice analytics, call recording, and more) for $27.95/month. Virtual fax feature is included in every pro business plan. This will save you a lot of money because many other providers will charge this as an add-on on a monthly basis. With Nextiva’s NextOS management platform you can easily use it anywhere you are from a mobile device or tablet.