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What to expect from VoIP technologies in 2018

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated January 24, 2020

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Any reputable business has to invest in communication and more and more companies nowadays resort to VoIP technologies as their choice. They are affordable, secure, very flexible and offer all the basic and advanced features you can think of. Actually, VoIP is the first phone choice of businesses across the US, according to statistics.

Traditional land lines are quickly becoming a thing of the past and copper lines are replaced by optical fiber that gives Internet access. In other words, PSTN (public switched telephone network) will disappear completely, in maximum 10 years, give or take.  

This year, VoIP technology continues to swallow more of what’s left from traditional phone systems and to improve and enhance features that are more and more requested. Everything is being taken to the next level. Although not all areas have even 4G network coverage yet, newer and faster data connections will take the field. 5G network access, which is 10 times faster than 4G, will become more widespread and will improve the quality of the VoIP calls. What does this mean? Well, less packet losses, echoes and so on, whenever you make a call and a higher overall video quality. Another advantage is the fact that more and more people will be able to work from home/remote, because more quality means more flexibility for anyone using these technologies.

Another cool thing will be the fact that vocal assistants such as Siri or Alexa will continue to improve and be able to take over more responsibilities, like answering calls for you. Their developments in processing language will continue increase.

Mobile phones will continue to rise in popularity. A lot of startups and smaller businesses rely heavily on their mobile phones and even larger enterprises only sign up with providers that offer mobile support with their services. So most of the features that come with VoIP are also accessible from mobile devices, through various available applications.

This year almost all VoIP will include in their basic package features such as: call blocking and call forwarding, 3-way calling, local number portability, caller ID, voicemail.

More additional features you’ll find in your VoIP provider in 2018 are IPFax, remote control that allows you to set up video conferences from anywhere, send or receive faxes and more, visual voicemail with transcription, so that you can automatically have a phone message converted into text and e-mailed to you, the ability to distribute calls so they get to the right department and more.