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What is 1Voip and Voip Technology?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated October 26, 2020

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Communication is very important especially today that we live in a busy, business world. Technology has transformed enabling people to communicate easily and remotely any time anywhere. Voip or Voice over Internet Protocol is a hardware and software category allowing people to communicate online. The internet serves as a tool to receive voice data in packets via Internet Protocols (IP) to enable telephone calls.

What is 1Voip

1 Voip is a phone service provider that caters to both homes and businesses. It is an economical and convenient medium of communication and has more functions than a using a traditional telephone. It also offers SIP Trunking which can connect to the system of one’s phone with its advanced features.

Features of 1VOIP

When it comes to wireless communication, we want a handy, simple, and advanced technology and we can't go wrong in using 1 Voip phone service. It is very convenient enabling voice calls from various types of devices, whether it's a desk phone, a landline converter, or via a smart phone be it android or IOS operated.

The Voip technology calls Standard phone numbers wherein voip’s signal changes into a regular telephone signal before reaching its destination signal. It enables a call directly from a device, a special VoIP cell phone or a normal headset connected to an adapter. It makes communication easily and conveniently even in WIFI –enabled hotspots such as malls, coffee shops, parks, gyms, restaurants etc.

In the field of business wherein calls are essential, 1 voip makes a remarkable impact today being one of the most patronized providers in the voip technology. 1 Voip also allows one to communicate with multiple people at the same time without incurring extra payment for it. In residences, 1-VoIP is also popular wherein it features a residential solid voice platform. Although it has lesser features comparable to the other virtual phones, it’s more practical because of its affordable price. You can use more than one adapter that work with more headsets. It has a built-in connection that is easy to use. It is able to whitelist or on the contrary, blacklists  phone contacts and incoming calls without caller IDs or any phone number of one’s choice. It has also web faxing features. It can also forward calls, does faxes through emails, detects caller IDs as well as spam calls. 1 voip also has quick dialling features and is adaptable in many phone devices, It has wake-up calls, and can reject anonymous calls  for one’s protection.. Among all the VoIP products, 1-VoIP is one of those that offers the most competitive prices.. Subscription starts at 8.97 dollars per month for residences. For businesses, price starts at USD 14.97 per months. Availing a Sip trunking service, one can avail indefinite simultaneous calls at a rate of  USD 29.97 aside from other benefits which other voip provider companies do not offer.

Equipment needed to use 1 voip

First of all, the use of Voip needs a strong internet connection in order for to work. Voip system is basically equipped with an IP Phone or can also be a regular telephone with an Analog Telephone Adapter .Another choice is a  softphone application which comes from the Voip service provider itself. The application is actually easy to use and the computer can work like a telephone. It has dialling features and the use of a headset for the conversation is optional. For I Voip phone service provider, it actually gives its subscribers an option to choose which device to use when availing 1 voip residential or 1 voip business  Subscribers can simply select from  its  voip recommended equipment with quick, hassle free installation process . Prices of the equipment differ though it can also be free depending on the subscription plan the user avails.  In the case of 1 voip  residential whether a subscriber  is availing  a Value , US or Canada Unlimited or World Unlimited Subscription  the equipment used  by 1 voip is a Voip Telephone adapter which is applicable to both analog or digital telephones. The installation requires a pre-set converter with key ports. These are Internet and Ethernet ports including a port for two telephone lines for connectivity use. The process is quick and easy. 

Subscribers can simply log in to 1 –Voip web application. After logging in one completes a service form after which a subscriber is directed to attach the connector to the phone until finally having a voip application online.  For 1 voip business whether a customer avails a Meter, Corporate or Professional subscription plan, he can just choose from a variety of Voip Phones as equipment. These Voip phones are mostly produced by Cisco. The prices of the Voip phones differ and a subscriber opts which of the equipment best suits their needs.

Can 1Voip be used at home and business?

Yes. 1 Voip can b used both for homes and businesses.  Offering  3 subscription options for 1 voip residential  namely Value, US & Canada Unlimited ,and World Unlimited, the service is very useful especially today that most  people  work in the comfort of their residences. Using 1 voip residential enables people to multi-task that while they can do their office works at home,, they are also able to do some chores at the same time. It is just a matter how they manage their time.  I voip can also be used also in businesses, It offers Meter, Corporate and Professional subscription plans for business use. It enables businesses to save more time and money rather using a traditional telephone line. 1 void Business has unlimited features depending on what subscription plan one avails. 1voild flexibility and reliability features apply most for businesses.


After an over-all analysis of 1 voip, I conclude that the service is a lot better than paying for a plan from a traditional telephone line provider. 1 voip offers competitive monthly subscription plans for its customers. A subscriber can have a choice which plan best suits his usage. Not only that, it has added services too that are free of charges which other providers do not offer. Also,1 voip is very transparent when it comes to its charges. One can tell that there are no extra costs hidden in the bills. Just by simply clicking a subscription plan, a description of the charges will automatically appear. The features we see in 1 Voip reviews are also friendly and straightforward which are very beneficial so it is not a problem even a user is not a tech savvy. On the other 1 voip is also adaptable to the existing technology. It has also modern features which are however more manageable than with other providers. One can talk to many people at the same time. Another thing is that it is easier to connect to others with wide coverage. Talking to someone with the use 1 voip is like talking to someone also on the telephone line enabling subscribers to feel more comfortable with the service. In terms of safety, and use it is the best choice and it has a strict security features.

As technology transforms and innovates, it is never far that traditional phones become already obsolete Hence people should start embracing the use of Voips in their homes and businesses.