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What are the best voip options for your home?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

Voip at home


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to basically use the internet to make phone calls. The technology behind VoIP has been around for decades. But as the technology gets more advanced each year, we now can expect a crystal clear quality from VoIP that is indistinguishable from the landline network. 

And since you already use fast internet for your computer and smartphone in your home anyway, it makes sense to also use VoIP as well. For a limited home-use, you need something called residential VoIP. The following list consists of some of the best residential VoIP in the market right now.

The best VoIP for your home
  1. AXvoice

When it comes to VoIP that you'd only use for personal purposes, AXvoice is one of the best VoIP for you. It comes with free equipment and 15-days money-back guaranteed. It is easy to set up, easy to use, and there's even a mobile app that you can use on your smartphone. What’s more, there is also an option to scale the services up in case you need it. Unfortunately, there's no video conference capabilities with AXvoice. 

  1. Vonage 

Vonage is one of the biggest VoIP providers in the market right now. They are considered as one of the best when it comes to VoIP for business. But some of the features that they offer also work wonders for residential use. The main one being the ability to customize your plan to suit what you need. That way you won't have to pay for things that you don't need. 

  1. 1-VoIP residential

As the name suggests, 1-VoIP residential is tailor-made for personal and home-use. They have one of the most user-friendly interfaces among other VoIP providers in this list. They will provide you with the necessary hardware with all features included in every plan. What's more, 1-Voip allows you to keep your phone number as well. Though they may not have a dedicated mobile app, what they do offer should be enough for your personal use.

  1. RingCentral

RingCentral offers one of the most complete VoIP experiences that you could think of. From the support for both virtual and conventional phones to a fully cloud integration and even a dedicated mobile app, Ringcentral will fulfill any kind of needs that you could possibly have. That being said, if you only use VoIP mainly for personal purposes, then having all of the power that RingCentral has to offer might seem like an overkill.

  1. Ooma 

Ooma's core service is more geared towards small and medium businesses. That being said, they are more than capable of providing superb VoIP solutions for your residential use. Ooma also has their own devices that you could use to improve the overall quality of the VoIP experience. But if you decide to use Ooma, make sure to have a fast or at least stable internet connection, because their service is very sensitive with any dip in the internet connection.

  1. Phone power

Phone power offers a very attractive feature with a highly competitive pricing. With their VoIP service, you'd get unlimited phone calls within the US and Canada, and 60 minutes of international calls to 70+ countries. There are also lots of interesting features such as voicemail to email and a 30-day money-back guarantee. But there's also a downside to Phone power. The subscription price is really cheap if you choose the two-years plan. But if you choose the monthly plan, then it would immediately jump to over 200% more.

  1. 8x8

8x8 is another VoIP provider that has embraced the customizable plans business model. What's even better is the fact that they have become fully cloud integrated as well. That means you don't need to purchase any additional devices in order to use 8x8 VoIP. A computer with decent internet connection would be sufficient. That being said, if your internet is anything less than flawless, then your VoIP experience would be highly affected.

  1. VOIPO

VOIPo thrives in its ease of use and affordable price. If all you want and need is simply a cheap phone call solution with lots of great additional features, then VOIPo is the one for you. All you need to do is plug their base station to your computer and connect it to the internet and you're done. That simplicity also makes it portable and easy to use when you're on the move. Unfortunately, getting the right support from their customer service is quite hard to do.

  1. Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite feels like a business VoIP solution that has been scaled down to meet the needs of residential use. With Intermedia Unite, you'd get unlimited phone calls and text messages to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. There's also a video conferencing feature with a bundle for 2 GB worth of cloud storage. But one thing that Intermediate Unite hasn't scaled down is the price. This VoIP has one of the most expensive monthly payments among other VoIP providers in this list.

  1. ViaTalk

ViaTalk follows the easy to install and easy to use trend that most residential VoIP providers offer. What makes them different, however, is all of their plans have a wide variety of features from the basic to the most advanced ones. But what makes them fall short is the inability for the users to pick their own number, the lack of virtual receptionist that most other VoIP providers freely offer, the extra fee on security deposit for the device, and finally, their customer service also leaves a lot to be desired. 


VoIP could offer you lots of great features beyond just making simple phone calls. Not only that, it is also one of the most cost-effective solutions for your needs. Every brand in this list represents some of the best VoIP providers in the industry right now. So you won't go wrong with any one of them. But if what you want is the best of the best, then you should use any of the top three brands.