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The best VOIP services to consider for your home

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated June 12, 2020

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  1. RingCentral


  • cloud-based which allows maximum user convenience and flexibility
  • compatible with most business applications
  • has a mobile application
  • has contract-free plan options
  • flexible for any users

Their service is entirely cloud-based which allows many feature integrations and technology incorporated. It has a lot of business applications you can use it alongside with including ZenDesk, DropBox, and Microsoft Office. They currently have fifteen servers across US which allows higher quality calls and reliable services.

  1. Nextiva


  • Simple plans and features made for homes which want affordable plans
  • Better for those who will be regularly receiving and making call
  • Flexible call handling features
  • Has a good management platform called NextOS
  • Has a mobile softphone app

Nextiva is a renowned name on the VoIP market given its simplicity of features. It is most recommended for homes that prioritize receiving and making calls and will not need other features. They provide high-quality calls and good service reliability.



  • Extremely easy to switch to their service
  • Has affordable rates for international calls
  • Has ATA adapters for non-internet enabled phones is a VoIP service known for its straightforward features and easy and fast transitioning. Changing the infrastructure and network scope of your communications is easy with them. They also offer affordable rates for a good quality of phone communication.

  1. AXVoice


  • Has a pay-as-you-go plan
  • Flexible payment plans depending on user usage
  • Has good international call plans

Axvoice is a recommendable VoIP service for homes that would like to pay for just how much they use the service and not a cent more. They give affordable rates for international calls and for unlimited calls within the US and Canada. The only downside to the service is that they do not offer video conferencing.

  1. OnSIP


  • offers both metered and unlimited plans
  • easily customizable
  • features can easily be added and removed from your pricing plan

OnSIP’s main selling point is that its services are easily customizable for all users. Because home users do not typically use advanced features like call forwarding, call attendant, and those made for businesses, OnSIP allows them to add and remove phone features at their desire. This gives users the opportunity to save more and to pay only for features which they will actually use. The only downsides to the service are that they do not offer hardware directly from their end and its lack of a mobile application feature.

  1. Ooma


  • Has plans for unlimited international calling
  • Known for their high-quality hardware
  • High-quality of calls

Ooma is a high-quality home VoIP service known for its directly supplied hardware. They are one of the first VoIPs to support 4G communication and advanced technology for better calls. Their service is packed with a lot of features that are targeted for home users including three-way conferencing, call holding, call waiting, and more. They also offer flexible pricing plans for home users that can even give you unlimited calls for international numbers. Last, you can also use your own mobile phone as a home phone with their mobile application.

  1. Vonage


  • Customizable pricing plans depending on phone usage
  • Offers a lot of promo deals and discounts
  • Has a lot of features

Vonage is one of the leading VoIP brands especially known for its good promo plans and deals. It has a high level of customizability which gives them a wide range of customers. They can adjust your plan to be either virtual, metered, or unlimited which is especially handy for homeowners which do not plan to regularly use their VoIP service. Customers are usually offered a lot of promos with Vonage given their aggressive marketing campaigns which can make customers save more.

  1. 1-VoIP Residential


  • Affordable prices flexible for value plans, US and Canada calling, and international calls
  • Easy transition to their service
  • Has a very easy-to-use user interface
  • Users can keep their old number
  • Offers hardware for all plans

1-VoIP is one of the most residential-friendly services. Their features are straightforward and uniquely designed for home-based users. They also offer good plans for US and Canada calls and international calling. They give users the option to either use available phone numbers or old ones to ease the process of transitioning to their service. Analog and digital phones are both accepted for usage.

The only downsides customers may face are the lack of a video conferencing feature and the lack of a mobile application. These two are usually offered for business, though, which may explain why they are not included in their features for home use.