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RingCentral Digital Fax Review 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 24, 2021

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In this modern age, lots of people begin to utilize the internet as a means to earn a living even if they live far away from the office. They could be freelancers who want flexible working time, they could be people who work with workers from another country, or they could simply have no other option but to work from home because of the pandemic.

Whatever the reason might be, one thing for sure is that they need a reliable means to communicate with their coworkers. An easy and affordable way to talk through the internet. And RingCentral is the best solution for that problem.

About Ringcentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based communication and collaboration solution geared especially for business. RingCentral has all the necessary features to not only let you communicate with your coworkers but also help your team to have an effective workflow together. 

RingCentral is the main product from the publicly-traded company called RingCentral, Inc. RingCentral was founded in 1999 by Vlad Shmunis and Vlad Vendrow and they remain in the company ever since as CEO and CTO respectively. 

To adapt to the needs of its customers, RingCentral finally launched a video conferencing product called RingCentral Video in 2020. With this latest addition to its product line, RingCentral has become a truly one-stop communication and collaboration solution for you and your teams, no matter where you are. 

Ringcentral Features

RingCentral has tons of great features under its belt but these are some interesting features that I think would prove to be beneficial for your business. 

  • Local and toll-free numbers. RingCentral has more than 200 local area numbers that you could choose from so that you could establish a local presence with your customers. The addition of toll-free numbers would also instantly bring credibility to your business. 
  • Call screening. With RingCentral, you could screen inbound calls to your business which means you could decide to either take the calls, block it, or even send it directly to voicemail. 
  • Internet fax. RingCentral could also send faxes digitally. All you need to do is simply scan or upload the documents and just send it to the recipient's fax number. Conversely, you could also receive faxes digitally, wherever and whenever. 
  • Number porting. As a business, you might already own phone numbers that have been well-known by your customers. With "number porting" you could port those existing numbers to your RingCentral account easily. That way, you could enjoy all of the features and benefits that RingCentral has to offer while keeping the same numbers that your customers are familiar with.
  • Multi-site management. For those of you who own business with branches in multiple places, RingCentral's multi-site management allows you to tailor the services based on each branch's unique requirements. With this feature, you could support each branch effectively and efficiently. 
  • International calling and numbers. For a business that has offices all over the globe, RingCentral gives you the ability to use international numbers from over 40 countries so that you could streamline your communication and collaboration efforts between each global office. 
  • Unlimited text message. Other than voice calls, RingCentral also supports text messages. With RingCentral, you could send unlimited text messages for free and just like regular message services, this feature also allowed you to send images. 
  • Video call and conference call. From April 2020, RingCentral could provide video call capabilities for its customers. They also implement a video conference feature for up to 500 people at the same time. What's more, there is also a one-click screen sharing feature so that you could easily show your presentation to every member of the conference call. 
  • Secure VoIP service. RingCentral implements highly-secured protocols when it comes to its VoIP services. As a customer, you could rest assured knowing that your calls are protected by tight security so that your conversation would remain safe from eavesdropping by any third parties. 
  • Analytics portal. The Analytics portal allows you to see all of RingCentral's reporting tools, such as the Quality of Services reports, Live Reports, Performance Reports, etc, in one convenient place. With this feature, you could see all of the metrics, reports, and data visualization, at a glance. 
Benefits of Ringcentral
  • Accessibility. RingCentral provides lots of ways for customers to use their services. They have a native web dashboard that could be accessed through any modern web browser, they have a desktop app for both Windows and Macs, and they also have mobile apps for both Android and iOS. So, no matter what platform your offices and your employees use, everybody could be connected through RingCentral. 
  • Ease-of-use. RingCentral has a modern and straightforward design for its apps on all of the supported platforms. With this uniformly intuitive and straightforward design, users could quickly navigate through its functions no matter which platform they use.
  • Excellent support. Other than the extensive FAQ section on its official website where you can find the answers to most common issues regarding the use of RingCentral, you could also contact them through phone calls, emails, and contact form on their official website. Upon receiving your questions and complaints, they will immediately respond with the appropriate solution to your particular problems.
Ringcentral Plans and Pricing

RingCentral has multiple plans and pricing tailored specifically for your business's particular needs. To start, the plans could broadly be divided into two large categories. One for your everyday office while the other is specifically made for a contact center. 

The contact center has three kinds of plans, "Basic", "Advance", and "Ultimate". They don't show the price for each plan though. You have to contact their sales department to find that information. This category has features like IVR and ACD capabilities, omnichannel routing for chat and emails, CRM integrations, advanced campaign management, and other useful features for your contact center. 

The other category is called the RingCentral Office. In this category, you could choose to pay the plans either monthly or annually. I suggest picking the annual option because you can save up to 33% with this payment plan. 

There are four different plans in this category with the price ranging from $19.99 per user per month to $49.99 per user per month for its annual plans. You can also purchase additional features, like additional toll-free numbers, additional international numbers, etc, for a small fee. 

If you are still not sure which plans to get, you could see their demo where they laid out the explanation of every feature in any given plan. There is also a free trial program that you could try, but keep in mind that this program has severe limitations, such as a maximum of five users, 50-minutes of domestic calls per user, etc. 


If you have a business and are currently trying out a remote work solution for your employees, RingCentral is the best fit for you. With its rich features, excellent support, and relatively affordable price, RingCentral is a great option for all sizes of business. 

Whether you are a start-up with only a handful of employees, a developing company that wants to scale up its business, or even an international corporation with offices all over the globe, RingCentral has the best plan and pricing tailored specifically for your particular needs.