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Jive Review - What are the benefits of this VoIP service provider?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated July 15, 2020

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Communication is an important part of a business that is slowly transitioning into a digital landscape. Given the innovation in this field, transitioning to the use of the internet for cross-platform calling may just be the next step for your business.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers allow calls like this to happen. For example, a customer calling from a mobile phone can talk to a representative which is on the computer. This convenience allows for multiple features, fewer communication costs, and better quality of calls.


Jive is distinctive because of its features that are unique and high-quality.

One of the best features of Jive is its incoming call management which lets a leader manage the ringing of the phone inside an office. Multiple calls can be evenly distributed through representatives allowing for a fairer and balanced answering time for each. Aside from this, the supervisor can also take over the calls in case it is necessary.  These tools are especially helpful for businesses focused on customer relations.

You can avail for Jive’s phones through brands like Vtech, Polycom, and Panasonic. You can avail of different equipment and accessories that can be used for customer support and better communication. Their prices start at $75. These can be managed through their desktop and web outlet. It can also be managed through iOS and Android devices. Other additional features include 5GB storage for call recording.

You can also use Jive for Google Chrome. It has a click-to-call tool in the browser where call notifications and actual calls can be managed.


The registration process for Jive is simple. You will only need to sign up via e-mail. From here on, you can get relevant files and a request for porting mover existing phone numbers and adding new numbers. The availability of putting existing phone numbers makes the transition to their service easier and faster.

You can also request for a toll-free number and for individual user numbers as to maximize efficiency. You can also set up a call attendant which will send automated messages for customers. They can then choose to talk to a live representative for their inquiries.


Jive’s interface is designed to be simple and fast. They have a responsive dashboard that quickly displays all the needed features. The following are instantly showed upon opening the application: account summary, billing function, phone numbers, handsets in use, and current bills.


Currently, Jive has a single pricing plan that includes all of its features. The only difference in term of payment price is the number of people which will be accessing it. It starts at $30 for four users. It then follows with $26 for 5-9 people, $24 for 10-24 people, $22 for 25-49 people, and $20 for 50-100 users. Negotiable prices are recommended for those with more than 100 users. As seen here, their prices are lower for those availing for the use of more people.


Jive is especially recommended for its simplicity and unique features. Its interface is intuitive and easy to learn. They also have features like call management that allows faster and better communication.