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How trustworthy is AXVoice? Does it have a good reputation?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated January 22, 2020

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VoIP services have bloomed during the last years, since people have started to realize how useful they are and how many advantages they come with, compared to traditional telephony.

VoIP stands for voice over the internet protocol and is the technology of making and receiving calls using the internet instead of landlines. For that to be possible, the original signal has to be converted from analog to digital, more exactly, to digital packets of data. This data is encrypted using very secure encryption methods and then is sent online. Since the data is now digital, that means that with VoIP you can send more than audio signals. You can also send text, images and video, which makes VoIP a very versatile and complex communication technology.

Other benefits of VoIP

VoIP saves you a lot of money in the long run, because your monthly bills won’t be so loaded every time you make a long-distance call (we all know how costly they can get when using landlines). You also save money on equipment, because VoIP usually comes with softphone support, which means you don’t necessarily need a VoIP phone in order to use this technology. You can download a specialized software and use it to make VoIP calls straight from your computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

Setting up a VoIP system is a DIY job, so you get to save money on that as well, since you don’t need to call a professional to set up the system for you.

And another great thing about VoIP is that it doesn’t rely on landlines, which means it’s a flexible, mobile technology. You can make VoIP calls from anywhere in the world, as long as you are subscribed to a VoIP service and you have a reliable internet connection at hand.

Is AXVoice a trust-worthy VoIP service provider? What is its rating?

AXVoice is a very renowned provider on the VoIP service market. It is based in Brooklyn and it offers VoIP services since 2005. It has affordable plans and its VoIP services cater to both individuals and businesses. AXVoice also offers international VoIP plans.


The cheapest residential plan offered by AXVoice is priced at $4.99 per month and includes calls anywhere within the US and Canada, for only 1.5 cents per minute.

The most affordable business plan is Home Office (SOHO), which is priced at $14.99 per month and includes 200 minutes anywhere within the US and Canada.

AXVoice benefits

The most affordable international plan is Residential International and it is priced at $16.58 per month. With this plan you get unlimited calls to over 45 international destinations.

This VoIP service provider comes with a lot of benefits such as:

  • Over 30 VoIP calling features with all the plans
  • No signup contracts required
  • Unlimited VoIP calls to over 60 international destinations
  • The option to port your current phone number
  • Softphone support
  • E911 support
  • Virtual numbers
  • Toll-free numbers and many more

Overall rating

AXVoice is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but it has a very good overall rating. Customer reviews on the internet are mostly positive. Here are the most appreciated aspects by customers:

  • The great voice quality
  • The fact that dropped calls are almost inexistent
  • The affordability of the service
  • The unlimited calls
  • The comprehensive package of VoIP features included with the service
  • The free in-network calls included with all the plans
  • The quality of the customer support

Here are some of the complaints related to AXVoice:

  • The fact that you need to sign up for a separate plan to benefit from the international VoIP calls
  • Even though the customer support quality is overall good, some customers complained specifically about the email support, which could use some improvements