What are the Toco warranty packages?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated December 22, 2020

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Toco Warranty is an extended car warranty service. It is a service that will reimburse customers for any repairs that will be required in case their car experiences a mechanical breakdown. Toco is one of the most renowned service providers given their seamless contract processing and its many benefits.

Warranty Packages

Toco Warranty offers three warranty packages including the Blue Plan, the Yellow Plan, and the Orange Plan.

The Blue Plan is for cars from 2000 or newer which has a mileage from 100,000 to 175,000 miles. Included in its coverage are the electric system, turbo, transfer case, drive axle, transmission, engine, cooling system, air conditioning, and fuel system.

The Yellow Plan is for cars from 2011 or newer which has a mileage from 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Included in its coverage are those in the Blue Plan along with brakes, steering, suspension, electronic high tech, technology package, and, modern features packages.

Both the Blue and Yellow plan are categorized as Listed Parts coverage because only the parts that it covers are the ones included in the contract.

The Orange Plan is for cars from 2016 or newer which has a mileage of 0 to 60,000 miles. Included in its coverage are those in the Yellow Plan.

The last plan is an exclusionary plan which means that the parts listed in the contracts are those that are not covered. This means that almost all other parts of the car are covered which makes it their equivalent of the “bumper-to-bumper” plans of other companies. This is mostly available because it is only for newer vehicles.

The cost for their vehicle contracts depends upon a lot of factors. These may include the state of residence, the year, model and mileage of car, and travelled miles monthly.

Waiting Period

All of the contracts have a waiting period that can typically take up to 30 days. During this time, they allot a certain amount of mileage for their users.

Additional coverages

For the last two packages, the company offers the following:

Electronic high tech – this involves the parts of the car like the suspension level control compressor, knock sensors, anti-detonation sensors, and the likes

Technology Package – this involves accessory parts of the car like CD and FM radio players, video equipment, voice recognition systems, and the likes

Modern Features Package – this involves parts like blind spot sensors, Bluetooth, backup cameras, and the likes.


Aside from the coverage for repairs of the parts which have suffered from mechanical breakdown, Toco Warranty also offers benefits for their customers, including:

  • No down payment is required for starting a contract from them which can help those who are on a tight budget especially if they’ve only bought a vehicle
  • Their monthly payments are affordable and are flexible because of its vertical integration
  • Users are not required to pay up front for their entire coverage and can cancel at any time for a fee
  • They have a simple claims process in case you will need to receive compensation for any repairs for your vehicle. A plan administrator will take care of the payment process and the paperwork involved once the claim is authorized.
  • The repairs needed for the vehicle can be done at any repair facility nationwide.
  • In case an emergency occurs on the road, Toco can be called for help. This can involve being locked out of your car, losing gas in the middle of road, sudden mechanical breakdown, and more. Users will only need to call their customer service number.
  • In case users will meet an emergency while on the road and will need money, Toco Warranty can be contacted. As long as they are somewhere 100 miles away from home, they can receive hotel reimbursements, meal compensations, and more for up to three days (receipts are required to be sent).
  • Toco Warranty will also give reimbursements for those that will need to temporarily rent a vehicle for work purposes.
  • Users are also entitled to discounts for certain hotels and motels.