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What are people saying about Toco Warranty? (BBB Ratings)

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated December 22, 2020

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Extended car warranties are the solution for future vehicular breakdowns. Instead of having to take a huge chunk out of your budget, they instead reimburse you for any repairs if it is within their coverage. Extended warranties are usually pursued after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires (sometimes they are bought together).

Toco Warranty

Toco Warranty is an extended car warranty service that is known for affordable pricing and flexible contract plans. Currently, they offer four contracts, including Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange plan. Each of these differs in terms of vehicles allowed and coverages. This gives more options for customers. They are based in West Hills, California.

BBB Ratings

BBB or Better Business Bureau is a company that rates businesses and studies different complaints from its customers. They assign a rating for business with A+ being the highest and F as the lowest.

Toco Warranty has a score of A+ in BBB which is the highest you can receive. They have been accredited since June 29, 2014. This shows a consistently high quality of performance. It also shows that they follow the guidelines for proper customer care.


So far, Toco Warranty has received a total of 80 complaints for the last 3 years. Most of the complaints related to them were about a problem with a product or a service. Other complaints include Guarantees, Warranties, Delivery Issues, Billings, Collections, Advertising, and Sales.
Based on the website, Toco Warranty has been consistent in answering these complaints and have been ensuring that their customer’s inquiries are answered sufficiently.