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What are features that Toco Extended warranty offers to its customers?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 6, 2021

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Extended car warranties reimburse you for any vehicular breakdowns in the future. As long as the damaged part of the car is within coverage, you will have repair costs covered. It is usually purchased directly after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires but it can also be bought alongside the latter.

Who is Toco?

Toco Warranty is a known name in the industry. Its main highlights are its flexible plans, good pricing, and customer support. They offer a variety of contracts that has different coverages and prices to make sure that all types of customer budgets and preferences will be met.

Toco coverage options

Currently, Toco Warranty offers four coverage plans.

The first plan is the Blue Plan which is for vehicles bought in 2000 or later. It covers 100k to 175k miles. This plan is a listed-parts coverage which means only those written in the contract will be reimbursed. The following parts are covered: engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, turbo/supercharger, electrical, cooling system, air conditioning, and fuel system.

The second and third plan is the Green and Yellow Plan respectively. They both cover vehicles bought in 2011 or newer. Both cover 60k to 100k miles.

Aside from those listed for the Blue Plan, the Green Plan covers Brakes, Steering, and Audio. The Yellow Plan adds Electronic High Tech, Technology Package, and Modern Features package. These are unique to Toco Warranty.

The last plan is the Orange Plan for vehicles bought in 2016 or later. This is their most comprehensive plan as it only lists out the parts that will not be covered. This is best for those who have bought cars recently.

Beneftis of Toco warranty

Gettinga contract with Toco Warranty is easy and fast, which is one of their best features.

For starters, they do not require a down payment. You are also not required to pay for months in advance. They will only require a waiting period. 

Toco Warranty is vertically integrated. This makes their monthly payments more affordable for users. You can also cancel at any time. You may be subject to a cancellation fee, though.

Toco Warranty has a very simple claims process. In case you experience a mechanical breakdown, the plan administrator will take care of the whole payment process. You can also have repairs by any licensed repair facility. This lessens inconvenience on your side.

Aside from these, you are also given additional assistance. You are given 24-hour roadside assistance for sudden emergencies such as a flat tire, empty gas, or the need for towing. In case you will be stranded somewhere about 100 miles away from your house, you will be given a total of $300. This can be used for food and lodging. This comes with discounts for hotels and motels. You can even have a 5% rebate if you send them your receipt.

Lastly, you will be given a reimbursement in case you will need to have a rental car. This is because some users use their car for their livelihood.