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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Try Toco Extended Car Warranty

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated December 22, 2020

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Extended car warranties are services that offer reimbursement for any car repairs after your original manufacturer’s warranty expires (sometimes during). They give you the peace of mind as they remove worries of sudden large payments. especially if car repairs are not included in your budget.

Toco Extended Car Warranty

Toco Extended Car Warranty is one of the well-known names in its industry. They are known for their flexible pricing, variety of offered contracts, and good customer support. They are based in West Hills, California.

Why you should try Toco Extended Car Warranty

  1. Flexible contracts and pricing – Toco Extended Car Warranty currently offers four plans, all of which have different coverages.

    The first plan is the Blue Plan which is available for most cars ( year 2000 or newer) and can cover 100k up to 175k miles. It is the closest contract to the Powertrain Deals of other companies which is targeted towards covering the essentials of the car.

    The Green Plan and the Yellow Plan both cover cars made in 2011 or later, with mileage of 60k to 100k miles. Aside from those offered by the Blue Plan, the Yellow Plan adds Brakes, Steering, and Audio. The Yellow Plan adds the unique High-Tech Technology packages that is unique to Toco.

    The last plan is the Orange Plan which is most recommended for newer models (2016 or later) with mileage of 0k to 60k miles.
  2. Easy Registration and Payment Process – One of the things that usually discourages people from pursuing extended car warranties is the tedious process of registering and having to deal with pesky salesmen. With Toco Warranty, this isn’t the case.

For starters, Toco Warranty does not require a down payment. This is especially beneficial for those who want to pursue a warranty immediately after purchasing a vehicle. They are also vertically integrated which makes monthly payments more affordable with their service.

You are also not required to pay for months ahead. Cancellation is also easy but may be subject to cancellation fees.

In the time of need, the plan administrator from their end will be responsible for all the paperwork and payment required, which removes the hassle on your end. They also have repair facilities available nationwide.

3. Additional benefits – Aside from providing dependable reimbursements for any car repairs, Toco Warranty also offers a lot of additional benefits for their users.

First, they offer a 24-hour available roadside assistance. This is for those with sudden emergencies while on the road such as being locked in your car, having your tires flat, running out of gas, and more.

You will also be reimbursed for additional costs if you will be stranded in a place 100 miles away from home. This includes restaurant fees, hotel reimbursements, and up to $100 per day including meals and lodging for a total of $300. They also give discounts for certain hotels and motels.

If you need your car for daily usage, you can also be reimbursed if you will use a rental car. This is especially helpful for those whose livelihood depends on their vehicle.