Toco Warranty Corporation Review

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated May 24, 2021

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Toco is an extended vehicle warranty service renowned for its nationwide coverage and flexible payment plans. It is located in Los Angeles.


The different coverages of the extended warranty allow users to be more flexible in selecting one. This is because certain factors such as budget, mileage covered, and more should be considered before selecting one.

The following are Toco Warranty’s coverage plans:

  • Blue Plan– This plan is best for those who own older vehicles as it is the only one that covers models made from 1999. The number of miles covered is 100k to 175k miles. Included in this plan are the following parts: transmission, transfer case, drive axle, turbo/supercharger, cooling system, electrical components, fuel system, and air conditioning.
  • Green Plan– This plan is only available for models from 2010 or newer. The number of miles covered is 60k to 100k miles. It includes all the parts covered by the Blue Plan along with Steering, Brakes, and Audio.
  • Yellow Plan– This plan is available for models made in 2010 or newer and covers from 60k to 100k miles. It includes all the parts covered by the Green Plan along with Electronic High-Tech materials, Modern Features Package, and Technology Package.
  • Orange Plan– This plan is the best for newly made vehicles as it only covers vehicles made in 2015 or newer. The number of miles covered is 0k to 60k miles.

Given the plans, the most budget-friendly out of these is the Green Plan as it covers a lot of models while covering the basic parts.


Toco Warranty’s quota issuing is fast and easy to understand. Their representatives are helpful and informative. Unlike other companies, they are not too pushy with their product and are informative about it. There is no long-term commitment needed. However, a cancellation fee may be applied.

Before the insurance comes into effect, there will be a standard waiting period that takes up to 30 days and 1,000 miles. The website states that this period is used to make sure that the car does not have any pre-existing conditions that may affect it later. This is because these will not be covered by the warranty.

Repairs and compensation

One highlight of using Toco is that your repairs can be done with any licensed mechanic. This removes the need to go to a specific repair station every time your engine breaks down which may cause further inconvenience.

Getting a quote

To get a quote, you will need to visit their website. The interface of it is well made and is up-to-date. The first thing you will see here is the “Get a quote” button which redirects you to the registration page.

From here, you will only need to type your basic information and the model of your car.


Toco Warranty is a recommended service mainly because of its flexible coverages. You can choose yours depending on your budget and the model of your car. Aside from this, they also have a very fast quoting process along with a lot of benefits once you are signed.