Toco Warranty Corporation – BBB Rating

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 16, 2021

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Toco Warranty is a Los Angeles-based extended car warranty corporation. Its services allows users to be compensated in the future, in case of mechanical breakdowns of their vehicles. Aside from this, additional features such as emergency towing services and need for fuels are also provided.


Toco Warranty offers four coverages namely the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange plan. These vary depending on the allowed vehicle models, the price of subscription, and the included parts. These allow users to have more options depending on their capabilities and preference.

BBB Rating

The BBB or the Better Business Bureau helps potential consumers to be able to know the opinion of other customers regarding a certain company. They help provide information about a company to consumers and helps them communicate their complaints. They ensure ethical and competitive business practices for companies.

Toco Warranty Corporation is accredited by BBB as an “Accredited Business”. This accreditation was given on June 29, 2014. This means that the company was seen as a company that has healthy consumer feedback. Toco Warranty Corporation has paid a fee for BBB for it to be reviewed for compliance to the bureau’s standards.

It has an A+ rating from the BBB, which is determined by how a company interacts with its customers’ complaints. It uses information from both public data and from the company itself. This rating is not influenced by customer reviews.

Finally, the average rating from customer reviews for Toco Warranty was 4 stars and a half. This is based on 124 customer reviews.

The customer reviews and complaints written on the BBB website towards them were answered by Toco Warranty Corporation with satisfying responses. This shows a strong desire to build a healthy relationship with their customers, which justifies their high BBB ratings.