Toco Vehicle Warranty Service Review

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated December 22, 2020

toco extended car warranty service happy woman and man in front of car signing car warranty


  • Has good coverage inclusion even for the most affordable plans
  • Has a good website where users can get a free quote and read their FAQ
  • Easy contract processing


  • Only has a few options for car coverages


Extended car warranties are the solution for owners whose original car manufacturer warranties are ending. It is not technically a warranty because it can be acquired at any time after the purchase of a car and because it can be bought from a third-party. Buying one can give users the peace of mind that they will be reimbursed for the repair of parts damaged during a mechanical breakdown.

Toco Warranty

Toco is an extended car warranty notable for its easy customer sign-up and flexible contracts.

To inquire and purchase a contract from them, users simply need to visit their website. Here, their zip code and information will be asked. An instant quote can be made online which makes it more convenient because of the lack of forceful dealers that has been a staple of most extended car warranty services.

Users should take note that Toco is currently not available for all states. Their available states are written in their website.

Available coverages

Currently, Toco offers three plans namely the Blue Plan, Yellow Plan, and the Orange Plan which may be not the most diverse set of options when compared to other services.

The Blue Plan is for cars aged from 2000 or later and have travelled 100,000 to 175,000 miles. Included in the coverage are Engine, Drive Axle, Transmission, Transfer Case, Electrical, Cooling System, Air Conditioning, Fuel System, and Turbo and Supercharger. This plan is best for those who own older vehicles.

The Yellow Plan is for cars aged from 2011 or later and have travelled 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Included in the coverage are those in the Blue Plan along with Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Electronic High-Tech package, Technology Package, and Modern Features package. The full list of those included in the packages is written in their website.

The Orange Plan is for cars aged from 2016 or newer and have travelled 0 to 60,000 miles. The coverage included are also those in the Yellow Plan.

Their plans are friendlier for those who own newer vehicles mainly because it has less risks of suffering from a mechanical breakdown which makes it good for those whose original manufacturer warranties are just ending.

Customer Care

The customer support for Toco Warranty is one of the best among extended car warranty service providers. For starters, they have a FAQ available on their website for questions regarding technical terms and the process of getting a contract. They also offer a free quote online.

Their customer representatives are also attentive and easy to communicate with. This is especially important to settle disputes and inquiries about the contracts.


Toco Warranty is an extended service warranty with straightforward coverages that can accommodate cars of different ages and mileage. Their customer service is top-notch because of their knowledgeable customer representatives and their online FAQ section. The only downside is their lack of diversity in terms of contracts (they only offer three).