Toco Extended Car Warranty Reviewed

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 6, 2021

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Nowadays, having a car is the difference between being able to earn a living or not. Sure there are public transportation and online ride-sharing services, but having a car is always more convenient in the long run. 

But a car would also bring with it many kinds of expenses, such as the lease, the gas, the maintenance, and the repair cost, among other things. The repair cost is unique compared to other types of expenses in which the cost widely varies depending on multiple variables and it is usually an urgent expense.

Many companies would sell car warranty packages for you out there. They usually either offer it in the showroom when you buy the car or from third-party offerings of extended warranty. The one thing in common with most of them is how they asked you to pay a large sum of money upfront and then continue to charge hundreds of dollars in the subsequent months.

Having a warranty on your car is necessary because your car would absolutely need it someday. But it is such a heavy cost to pay and it just adds another big chunk of money to your monthly expenses. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. When we reviewed Toco Warranty we found that it could be a better alternative for you.

Who is Toco?

In 2013, Nota Berger had this big idea of revolutionizing the car warranty industry. He felt that the services provided by the industry at the time were far from beneficial to the customers. There have to be other ways, better ways, for the customers to get the warranty coverage that they need without adding more burden for them financially. So he founded Toco Warranty Corp.

Toco's main mission has always been to provide the most cost-effective car warranty to its customers. Instead of a big lump of money upfront, Toco would charge an affordable monthly subscription fee so that customers could get their coverage on-the-go based on what they truly need. They could upgrade their plans if they want to and they could stop it whenever they want.

It turns out, this idea resonated deeply with the customers. What started as a modest company out of West Hills, California, has now grown into one of the leaders in the industry with a giant company like AmTrust Financial Services as its powerful backing.

To further spread their wings within the car enthusiast's community, in 2019, Toco Warranty corp. decided to become the official sponsor for the Stewart-Haas Nascar Racing team. This motorsports sponsorship is hoped to bring great value not only to the company and the racing team but also to all the racing fans and Toco customers out there.

Features of Toco Car Warranty
  • No-down-payment. Unlike other car warranty companies, Toco does not require its customers to pay any down payment whatsoever for their services. It has been that way since Toco Warranty Corp. was founded almost a decade ago and it will stay that way for as long as the company is able to survive. Although, be advised that a waiting period is applied. 
  • Affordable monthly payment. Continuing from the previous feature, instead of a large upfront cost and hefty monthly payments, Toco offers a relatively affordable monthly payment. Toco offers three-tiered plans based on your vehicle's age and mileage. 
  • Pay as you go. Toco's monthly payment plans are a non-binding commitment. You pay them as long as you need their services. If you think you no longer need it or you've somehow found a better alternative then you could always cancel your current plan. A small cancellation fee might be applied. 
  • Simple claim process. When a breakdown inevitably occurred, you could simply call your plan administrator and all the payment and paperwork would be taken care of as soon as possible. As long as it's within coverage then a repair is simply a phone called away. 
  • Nation-wide repair facility. When your vehicle breaks down, Toco emphasizes easy accessibility for you without compromising on the quality of the repairs. That's why Toco lets you have the ability to bring your car to any licensed repair facility that you want across the US and Canada. 
  • Excellent customer service. Whenever you have questions about any of their services, you could always contact their customer services 24/7. You might also want to check their comprehensive FAQ section on their official website just in case your questions have already been answered there. 
Benefits of Toco Car Warranty
  • 24-hour roadside assistance. If there's something wrong with your car while you're in the middle of the road, you could always call the 24-hour roadside assistance through a toll-free number that would be provided to you. They will do all kinds of services from changing your tire, delivering fuel, sending a locksmith if you lose your keys, etc.
  • Trip interruption coverage. If your car breaks down while you're far away from home and even worse have to stay the night, then Toco would reimburse your lodging and meals expenses for up to $100 per day with a maximum of $300 for three days per breakdown. 
  • Rental car benefit. If you're in dire need to be somewhere else but your car is in the middle of being repaired, then Toco would reimburse the cost for either a rental car or public transportation you use to safely get to your destination for up to $175 per repair visit.
  • Hotel and motel discount. Like I mentioned earlier, Toco would cover your expenses if your car breaks down while you are out of town. But they also have nice hotel and motel discounts (booked through if you simply want to travel somewhere away from home.  
Is Toco worth it or should you keep looking?

Toco extended car warranty is an affordable solution for something that would inevitably happen to you. They offer a lot of nice things that would certainly benefit their customers. More than that, they also went above and beyond in providing the best possible experience while you use their services.

24-hour road service is very vital when your car breaks down. Because oftentimes you have no idea when and where such a thing might happen. So knowing that you could rely on that particular service is very reassuring indeed. 

But meals and lodging reimbursement and hotel and a motel discount is just their way of spoiling their customers. They don't have to do it but the fact that they do offer it to all of their plans is a very compelling reason to use their services.