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Is Toco a good Vehicle Service Contracts provider?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated January 21, 2020

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Toco is an American company based in California, which sells vehicle service contracts to car owners. The company is a reputable one and has been around since 2013. The Better Business Bureau rated it with an A+.

Should you buy a vehicle service contract?

Vehicle service contracts (VSC), which a lot of people refer to as ‘extended car warranties’, are a type of warranty sold to those who want their car to be covered after their factory warranty expires. The factory warranty usually covers your vehicle for just the first 3 years after you buy it, or for 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. In some luckier cases, some car makers offer up to 5 or even 6 years (Volkswagen for instance, Mitsubishi, Hyundai). But after that, unless you take an additional protection measure, your car will be left exposed in case of a breakdown.

A vehicle service contract insures your entire car or certain parts of it (depending on how much you are willing to pay and what kind of VSC you buy), so that in case they need repairs or to be replaced, the VSC provider will pay the bill for those repairs. VSCs offer you the peace of mind that in case of a breakdown, you are somewhat covered and you don’t have to suddenly come up with a lot of money. And we all know how expensive car repairs can be…

Toco Warranty Corp - Is it a good VSC provider to consider?

Toco has 4 plans to offer, each with its costs, coverage and requirements. The plans are Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue.

There is no down payment you need to pay and the monthly rates are affordable compared to other providers, which makes Toco a competitive service.

The company does charge a deductible, which is within the industry average: $100. Moreover, this deductible can drop to $50 if you choose to take your car to one of the repair shops recommended by them. It is not a mandatory requirement, it just helps you save more money. You can take your car to any repair shop you want to.

The plans

The Orange plan - it is available for vehicle owners with cars no older than 2015, that have up to 60,000 miles on them. This plan is the most complex one and it covers all the important parts of your vehicle: engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, turbo/supercharger, air conditioning, cooling system, electrical, fuel system, brakes, steering, suspension, electronic high tech and more

The Yellow plan - it is for cars from 2010 or newer, with a mileage of max. 100,000 miles. The following parts/systems will be covered: engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, turbo/supercharger, electrical, steering, air conditioning, cooling system, brakes, fuel, suspension, electronic high tech and modern features package.

The Green plan - it is very similar to the Yellow plan, in requirements and in coverage, except that it doesn’t include the modern and technology features.

The Blue plan - this is the most basic plan of the four and it is suited for cars as old as 1999, that have up to 175,000 miles on the meter. It covers the engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, turbo/supercharger, electrical, cooling system, air conditioning, fuel system.

All plans offered by Toco include 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage and rental car benefits.

Toco offers customer support by live chat, phone and email and we had no issues with getting in touch with them. Their reps are friendly and knowledgeable.

Overall, we consider Toco a good value for the money and definitely a Vehicle Service Contracts provider worthy of your consideration.