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How to choose the best extended car warranty for you

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated May 8, 2020

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There are many companies offering an extended car warranty and sometimes it is a very demanding selection process. Often the contracts these companies offer are very long, full of many different details which can distract your attention. This may lead to choosing the wrong warranty and ending up with additional costs. The following guide will help you choose the best-extended car warranty for your needs and will show you what features are the most important to include in your research.

  • Affordable Payment Plans – Many companies offer lots of different membership plans, lasting from several months to a couple of years with different coverage. These plans should also include the background coverage for new cars, pre-owned and hybrid cars. Two basic coverage plans are:

The exclusionary plan, which covers many car components and, in most cases, this plan covers all the other, smaller, plans offered by a certain company. This usually includes all mechanical and electrical repairs and many additional components. This plan is the exclusive one, more expensive, but with the best coverage.

The Named Component plan can also cover mechanical and electrical components. The only difference is that you can decide which components you want to include in your costs and which are out of your needs.

  • Warranty cost

Depending on the plan you purchase from a certain company, the cost can go from lower to higher. Besides the membership, the cost will also depend on several other circumstances: age and model of your car, whether you choose a plan for a luxury vehicle, mileage, years of the maximum term, and many others.

  • User review and ratings

The rating from the Better Business Bureau is very important for companies that have a strong reputation. This company collects public data from different sources to inform the public about car warranty companies and the way of their management. Any other certification is a plus. Besides A+ BBB rating, you should also check for a Vehicle Protection Association certificate.

  • Coverage

This very important feature covers several different aspects. One of the most important is the nationwide roadside assistance that should be included in every membership plan the company is offering. Some companies offer coverage in both the US and Canada, while others offer plans only for Canada or the US separately. At the same time, coverage can also be pointed to road assistance and the option of repair service. Companies usually offer 24/7 road assistance nationwide but there are always some exceptions. While some companies give the option to choose between your favorite and most reliable repair service, others can have strict rules.

We are aware that the process of choosing the right company and purchasing the extended car warranty can give you a headache and drain the energy from you. All the paperwork can be exhausting especially when there are so many options out there. The right choice can ensure your safety on the road, anytime and anywhere.