How much does Toco Warranty cost?

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Vehicle service contracts (VSC) are a great precaution measure all car owners should take for their vehicles, be they new or used. A VSC engages to help you with unforeseen repairs to your car, so you won’t be taken by surprise, with an empty wallet in your pocket.

When you buy a new car, most manufacturers offer a warranty for approximately 3 years (usually 36,000 miles). However, most of us don’t plan to sell our cars after that warranty expires, as long as the vehicle is still functional. We plan to keep them for as long as they can safely drive us around. That means you are left exposed, unless you take some precautionary measures.  

It is even worse for people who buy used cars, because you can’t know for sure how long that car will last you, so a vehicle service contract makes even more sense for them.

What is Toco?

Toco Warranty Corp is a company based in California, which offers vehicle service contracts (VSC) and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), with the latter being available to California residents.

When they hear about VSC, many people tend to think of it as an extended car warranty, which is often the term used to describe vehicle service contracts. However, these VSC are not exactly warranties, because they don’t cover you in case or collisions for instance. The purpose of a VSC is to help you in case you have to deal with unexpected vehicle repairs. Even so, not every type of repair is included and you also have to pay a deductible (which differs from provider to provider).

VSC providers offer various plans, each with their specific coverage, which varies depending on the age of your car and its mileage. Toco makes no exception.

How much does it cost? Toco plans

Toco offers 4 types of vehicle service contracts: Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. There is no fixed quote displayed on their website, but you can get a free quote easily by filling a form on their site, with your name, phone number, ZIP code, e-mail address and vehicle information (including current vehicle mileage).

All the plans offered by Toco include roadside assistance, rental car benefits, trip interruption coverage and fast customer service. Toco doesn’t yet operate in Alaska, Missouri and Washington.

The contracts for each plan can be downloaded in English or in Spanish.

Orange - this plan is only available for cars that are less than 5 years old and have under 60,000 miles on them. It is the most comprehensive one.

Yellow - this plan is suited for cars that are 10 years old or newer and have under 100,000 miles on the meter. It covers the engine, transmission, brakes, drive axle, transfer case, cooling and fuel systems, air conditioning, turbo/supercharger, steering, electric and more. You can also get optional technology coverage.

Green - this plan has the same requirements as the yellow one, but you don’t get the additional technology coverage. Other than those, it covers the same parts as the yellow plan.

Blue - This plan is the best one for people who own old cars that are even 20 years of age. The mileage restriction is 175,000 miles.

The Blue plan covers fewer components/systems than the other plans, but all the essentials are covered: the engine, transmission, drive axle (front and rear), 4 X 4 transfer case, turbo/supercharger, electrical, cool and fuel system, the air conditioning.

Just like with any other car insurer, Toco also has a waiting period. In their case, it is 30 days and 1,000 miles before you can use the VSC. We have done a complete review of the different offers that Toco extended car warranty offers.