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Best extended car warranty programs for this year

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 4, 2021

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When you regularly drive a car, an accident, no matter how big or small, would bound to happen. It's not a matter of "if" but "when". And when that accident finally happens, your life would be infinitely better if your car has a warranty on it. Otherwise, you'd be forced to use your own money to settle and repair any damages that might happen. 

So the problem becomes not whether or not you should use an extended car warranty, but rather which extended car warranty service should you pick?  

In this article, I'll put some of the things that you should keep in mind before purchasing a warranty plan and then follow by a list of the best, extended car warranty in the market right now.  

What to look for in an extended auto warranty

#1 Autopom. 

Autopom offers quite intensive coverage in their four levels of plans. They also have one of the easiest claim processes in the industry thanks to their excellent customer service. There are also some additional benefits like rental car assistance and the ability to take your car to any licensed repair facility of your choice. Unfortunately, they prefer cars with little to no history of damage and their down payment is also quite steep. 

#2 Toco Warranty Corp. 

Toco offers extensive coverage for a wide range of cars with various conditions and for an affordable price. They have three kinds of plans with different levels of coverage for each one. Toco has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry and they also offer benefits like choosing your repair facility, roadside assistance, etc. Unfortunately, they don't have nation-wide coverage. 

#3 AA Auto Protection. 

As one of the oldest warranty companies on this list, AA Auto Protection also has one of the best coverage in the industry. They have five coverage plans that cover everything from full coverage to only the essential parts of your vehicle. And although not as generous as Autopom, AA Auto also offers additional benefits like roadside assistance for some of its plans. 

#4 Endurance. 

Endurance is one of a handful of companies that offers a direct-to-consumer extended warranty, which means that Endurance handles everything themselves. There's no middle man that could prolong your claim process. They would also offer coverage to high mileage vehicles and let you take your car to any ASE-certified repair facility around you. Unfortunately, just like AA Auto Protection, additional benefits only available to some of Endurance's premium plans. 

#5 Warranty Direct. 

Warranty direct has comprehensive coverage and they also willing to accept high-mileage vehicles for an affordable price. What's more, the additional benefits also available for all plans. But there have been multiple reports from the customers about how hard it is to claim their insurance because of the complicated terms and agreements that favor the company more than the customers. 


Carchex is simply one of the best, extended car warranty companies in the industry. Getting a quote is easy and fast, the plans are one of the most comprehensive on this list, the price is fair, the additional benefits are available to all plans, and the customer service is excellent. Sure, they don't offer warranties on exotic cars like Lamborghini, but I think that's only a problem for a small number of people. For others, Carchex has the best value when it comes to extended auto warranty. 

#7 EasyCar. 

EasyCar auto warranty is quite generous with its coverage and additional roadside benefits that even cover ride-sharing cars and other commercial vehicles. They also allowed an easy transfer of policy between different owners. Although getting a quote could be quite hard, they are an all-around great extended warranty company, especially for your first vehicle.  

#8 Protect My Car. 

Protect My Car is the extended warranty company that offers the most flexibility for its customers. Both in terms of coverage and payment terms. That being said, they won't take cars over 13 years old and they also don't have nationwide coverage. Other than that, Protect My Car is one of the best, extended warranty companies out there, especially with their car maintenance plan. 

#9 Delta Auto

Delta Auto offers a wide range of coverage for its customers and they are also willing to take chances with old cars. Their additional roadside assistance also one of the most competitive in the industry. Unfortunately, they are one of the companies that felt the impact of the Covid19 pandemic the hardest. So for now, there's no way to know what's the future would look like for the company. 

#10 USAA Extended Vehicle Protection. 

The United States Automobile Association (USAA) offers a wide range of financial services to the member of the US military and their families members. Unfortunately, in 2018 they decided to terminate their car warranty services but they would continue to service the customers that join their service before 2018. At the time, USAA was one of the leading companies in the extended warranty industry. They have excellent coverage, affordable price, and excellent customer support.


As you can see, every company on this list excelled in providing the best coverage for your vehicles. But do keep in mind that the price, additional benefits, and customer services are varied from one company to the next.  

No one extended warranty company is perfect. Every service has its drawback. So, before you commit to any one of these companies, you should shop around and ask for a quote from as many companies as possible so you could have a clearer picture about what you would get.  

But, if you don't want to take time to properly research different kinds of alternatives, then simply join AutoPom! They have one of the best services that you could expect in the industry.