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Keen vs. Kasamba – Which one is better?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 15, 2019

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Psychic readings are still popular, as more and more people find themselves overwhelmed by their lives and try to find answers wherever they can get them.

If for some people, psychics are highly gifted people with clairvoyance abilities, trustworthy and influential, for others, psychic readings are merely a form of entertainment. Either way, psychic services are still in high demand and have customers of the highest social ranking. Hollywood celebrities are at the top of the list, but the common folk are also drawn to these practices.

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Main types of psychic readings

There are several types of readings still popular today:

  • Tarot readings
  • Palm readings
  • Numerology
  • Astrological readings
  • Distant readings
  • Dream interpretations and more

And because we live in the online era when everything can be done through the internet, psychic readings have aligned to the trend. There are a plethora of online psychic services available nowadays, and they offer all types of services, from distant readings through phone, e-mail, video chat, to personalized horoscopes, spiritual coaching, Tarot readings, dream interpretation, financial advice and more.

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Keen – Is it a good psychic service?

Keen offers psychic services since 1999 and it is an online service that offers reading via phone, e-mail and live chat.

Its network of psychics has close to 2,000 readers and advisors who are specialized in various types of divinations, from Tarot to astrology, dream interpretation, numerology, pet communication and more.


Prices differ from psychic to psychic and not all types of readings cost the same. Keen offers the first 3 minutes free of charge, regardless of what psychic you choose. After that, prices differ depending on who you choose. Prices start as low as $1.99/minute and can go as high as $29.99/minute for top rated readers.

Keen’s readers have a very detailed profile, so you can find out as much as possible about a psychic before deciding who to contact. Their profiles include a short bio, picture, their background, their contact details and ratings and reviews from users, which is very helpful in your screening process. Ratings go from 1 to 5 stars. The price is also displayed for each reader.

How to use Keen

Before actually getting a reading you have to register online. Phone registration is not available. You have to provide an email, choose a password and confirm that you are at least 18 years old. No contact details are required.

After registering, you start browsing for a reader. You have 6 search filters, which is not the most impressive number (psychic readings, love and relationships, life questions, Tarot readings, spiritual readings and psychic mediums). The annoying thing is that you can’t filter psychics based on lowest or highest price, there is a price bar that you can set, but it is less efficient.

Keen offers a sort of guarantee for their services. While you can’t actually get your money back in case you are not satisfied with your reading, you will receive free credit that you can use for another reading.

Keen can also be accessed through the mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

PROS of Keen

  • They have been around for more than 20 years
  • They have a large number of psychics to choose from
  • You get the first 3 minutes free with any reader
  • You don’t have to provide your contact details, just an email and a password

CONS of Keen

  • Although they have a large network of readers, the screening process is not as rigorous as with other companies
  • Customer support is only available via e-mail (no phone or live chat options)
  • UX design leaves room for improvement

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Kasamba – Is it a good psychic service?

Kasamba is an online psychic service owned by LivePerson, a very popular tech company based in New York.

Kasamba was also founded in 1999, so experience-wise, it is no better or worse than Keen.

The network of psychics working with Kasamba is also close in number to Keen. Kasamba has over 2,000 readers. The difference is that Kasamba has more famous psychics, with appearances on radio and TV shows all over the country.


There are also similarities in pricing between the two services. Kasamba also offers the first 3 minutes for free and you also get discounts from time to time, and some of them are really generous.  

Their cheapest psychics start at $1.69/minute and top rated psychics charge as high as $25.50/minute. So, in terms of prices, Kasamba is more affordable than Keen.

While the website of Kasamba seems ‘busier’ at the first glance, with lots of psychics displayed on the homepage, it is better structured than Keen’s website. Kasamba is also more transparent and the site is more user-friendly. You can choose between more categories than with Keen: psychic readings, tarot readings, love and relationships, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecasts, numerology, past life readings, picture readings, occult, financial outlook and more. Each category includes its own sub-categories.

You can also sort psychics based on several criteria: lowest price, highest price, highest rank, new psychic, less than $4/minute, less than $7/minute.

Each psychic has a comprehensive profile that includes a bio, experience & qualifications, a photo, ratings, reviews, price and contact details. You can also add a psychic to favorites.

Kasamba also has a mobile app which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

How to use Kasamba

The registration process is similar to Keen. You have to create an account using your e-mail and a password and you can also enter a screen name, although the latter is optional. You can also connect using your Facebook account, an option that Keen doesn’t offer.

As payment methods, you can choose between adding funds to your account, paying through PayPal or directly with your credit card, after each reading.

Kasamba has a satisfaction guarantee as well. You can be refunded up to $50, if you are not satisfied with your reading. However, they do specify that they reserve the right to deny you the refund, if they don’t consider you are entitled to it.

PROS of Kasamba

  • Well-structured website
  • They have a large network of psychics, including famous psychics with appearances on TV and radio
  • More affordable than other psychic services
  • Highly rated psychics
  • First 3 minutes are free
  • You can sign up with your Facebook account

CONS of Kasamba

  • Not the best customer support, there’s no live chat or phone support available
  • Not all psychics offer phone readings
  • Their refund policy is a bit ambiguous

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